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Aug 7, 2009 07:36 PM

Best Beef Pho in St Louis

We live near I-170 & Delmar and love Mai Lee and one of the dishes I REALLY like is Pho - but they are going to be moving before long - where else can I get wonderful Pho??

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  1. Well, in that area is Pho Long on Olive just east of I-170. They mainly only do pho and some other soups. They have the regular beef brisket and rare sliced beef pho, but the good stuff is has the tripe and especially the beef tendon in it. I think it is the best pho in the city. Also they open at 9am during the week. If you haven't had pho for breakfast, you haven't truly lived.
    Pho Grand and Ban Mi So #1 are both on South Grand and are both solid. If you go to Pho Grand, they have a spicy soup with pig feet in it that is excellent.

    1. Ouch! Where are they moving to and when?
      I heard a rumor months ago that they had bought the old Jade Garden place on Olive, but I have not seen any evidence of activity there in months.
      Thanks, p.j.

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        They've given up the idea of Jade Garden. l(Too much renovation, I suspect.) Are looking at someting around Hanley and Eager; no word on a date or just which building.

        1. re: lemons

          they are locating to the bottom of the metro parking garage.

          1. re: what4

            I wasn't aware that Pho Long is/was moving. I think the restaurant moving to the Metro parking building is Mai Lee.

            I will agree that Pho Long is my favorite pho in STL. I have been getting it at least once a week for the past few months. Menu item P7 is my favorite with the flank steak.

            1. re: greggold

              Yes, it is Mai Lee, and they're on the south side of that drive that goes behind Best Buy. Signs have been up for several weeks that it's coming.My mistake.

              1. re: greggold

                you are correct, but i didn't say Pho Long was moving - you just assumed i was talking about Pho Long.