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Aug 7, 2009 07:08 PM

Looking for recommendations in or near El Paso (menudo, tamales, fine dining, and anything else!)

I've heard JJ's on Donihan is good for menudo but is there anyplace that's better?

I'm here for another week and would like to explore the culinary delights (fine dining to drive-thru) of the city. I'm willing to try anything and am not limiting myself to Mexican/Tex-Mex.

I'm a frequent visitor to the city but am usually restricted to the whims of customers or stick with my normal favorites. I've already been to Dominic's on Montana this week (this is a favorite) and La Malinche. Smitty's near the airport used to be a fave but I haven't been there this trip.

I'm staying near Bassett Center (Place?) but have a car and am willing to drive if the food is worth it. If the booze is worth it, I probably need to be within a couple of miles so I can take advantage of the hotel shuttle.

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  1. Personally, I didn't care for it. However, based on reviews, people really like Little Diner in Canutillo. It was a little greasy for me. People love their gorditas and numerous major food publications have featured their food. It's a dive.

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      If you really want to get some primo menudo on a Saturday or Sunday morning, then I highly recommend that you try the Italian Kitchen West's Menudo stand in their parking lot. It is some really good Menudo that is sure to please even the most discriminating Menudo connoisseur. The Menudo is great it tastes totally Mexicano Authentico. With your Menudo order you get bread, chile, onions and Mexican limes with oregano. You can't go wrong going on a Saturday or Sunday Morning to go to the Italian Kitchen West to try out their fantastic Menudo. Here is the website that gives you more information.
      Bon Appetit y mucho delicioso!

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        I wanted to try H&H but heard it was closed on Sunday. I ended up going to El Nido on I-10. The menudo was pretty good (I suppose, since I'd never had it before today).

        I've heard it was the ultimate hangover cure. I didn't have a hangover but had it despite that. It was pretty good. Nice spice but not too much for the morning. It was served with chopped onions, limes, crushed red pepper, and oregano. The texture was very different than pho (the only other time I've hade tripe). It was tender, not too chewy, and not at all brittle. The flavor was very good. I didn't eat a lot of it, though. First of all, I wasn't all that hungry but I've heard it's mostly only available weekend mornings so I went for it. Secondly, I started thinking too much about what I was eating. It's all good in theory... I had the same reaction to baby octopus. Loved it at first but then started analyzing what it was.

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          For the westside of El Paso, Texas if you are looking for some really good Menudo the try out the weekend parking lot trailer at the Italian Kitchen West. They have some really primo menudo. Here is the website that will get you pointed in the right direction:

        2. check out Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey's
          1310 Magruder St.
          El Paso, TX
          (915) 778-3323
          located behind Bassett Center Mall, they havegreat atmoshere there.

          1. Pho Tre Bien has excellent Pho and other Vietnamese food
            915.598.01666946 GATEWAY EAST
            EL PASO, TX 79915

            Avila's Mexican Food Restaurant has good Mexican (obviously
            )6232 N Mesa St
            El Paso, TX 79912-4520
            (915) 584-3621‎

            1. Thank you for all the replies!

              My work schedule hasn't allowed for as much culinary exploration as I'd hoped but I do have plans to get to several of these before I leave. Fortunately, I'm here a couple of times a year so I'll have other chances, as well.

              I've been to Carlos and Mickey's a few times. I didn't make it there this time because of limited time and I wanted to try some new places.

              A local took me to Roscoe's for a hamburger. They've been in business since 1955 and it was a pretty decent hamburger. I was slightly disappointed that they don't pat out their own burgers anymore but adding some really excellent salsa to the burger made all the difference.