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Aug 7, 2009 07:01 PM

Tides R.I.P.

Just saw that Tides has closed and that's really too bad. It was a sweet little seafood place and while I hadn't gone in about 18 months I used to go there quite a bit and liked it a lot. They had the best ceiling ever - made of thousands of dangling wooden chopsticks. I hate the tone of blog posts about restaurants closing because they all sound so cynical, but you can find the news here:

Just wanted to say that it's sad to see the place go. I really wish they could have made it.

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  1. wow, that sucks...i hadn't been back there in a while, partly because i'd been out of the country for a year...but i remember how crowded they used to be two or three years ago...and all the meals i had there were delicious, w/ great service and vibe...

    the eater headline notwithstanding, i was surprised to learn this, as i'd assumed that Tides would be around for a long time, or even expand to a bigger place/spawn spinoffs...i can't vouch for how things were there in the past year or two, but based on my early experiences there: they were doing everything right...the fact that a place like Tides goes out of business while so many overhyped and generally hateful restaurants (Spotted Pig anyone?) continue to thrive makes me pessimistic about dining in NYC...

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        definitely was a chowhound favorite that became more and more ignored over the years. i was there 2x. it was fine enough but nothing made me want to come back.