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Aug 7, 2009 02:34 PM

Hyatt Gainey Ranch, Scottsdale - Any word on the restaurants there

We're staying at the Hyatt with another family one weekend and we are thinking about going to dinner without the kids one night while we're there. I haven't heard anything about either "new" restaurant at the resort: SWB, a southwestern bistro and Alto restaurante e bar. Alto seems to have an ok wine list with some by the glass and good italian cheese and charcuterie. I'm thinking Alto might fit the weekend better since it's more casual, but we're open to anything.

Has anyone been to or heard anything about either restaurant? If not, any other suggestions nearby? Thanks for you help.


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  1. I had dinner at SWB with about 6 other people and it was pretty good and that surprised me. It's informal and simple and I suspect you will do better with the more straightforward dishes which is what we did. I have not heard anything good or bad about Alto but it looks attractive. I would not call SWB a foodie restaurant by any means but as hotel restaurants go, it was good. There are many restaurants nearby that are probably walkable. None are destination spots but most are serviceable:
    McCormick & Schmidt
    Village Tavern
    Un Bacio

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        Looks like we're going to Roka Akor down the street instead. Thanks for the response.