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Aug 7, 2009 02:06 PM

Chicken soup for the common cold- remedy or not?

I have one humdinger of a cold.Have you ever cured a common cold with chicken soup?
Do you have a favourite chicken soup recipe?
Does your chicken soup have a secret ingredient?

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  1. I'm not speaking from any kind of expertise, but i was under the impression that it was more the broth that helped with the sickness. I know you need lots of liquids with a cold, and the steam from the hot broth helps with sinuses, and it is a soothing dish in general.

    1. absolutely. usually best when made by your Jewish mother or grandmother...but the local deli might do in a pinch ;)

      seriously though, it may be something of a placebo effect, but in all of the studies & articles i've read about it over the years, the consensus seems to be that there may actually be some merit to the myth, and that garlic, pepper, and yes, the chicken, are most likely the "secret" ingredients.

      garlic & pepper have been used for centuries to treat respiratory ailments because they have expectorant properties - they thin mucus and make it easier to breathe. inhaling the vapors/steam can also aid in relaxing congested nasal passages. and believe it or not, when you cook chicken it releases cysteine, an amino acid that has a similar structure to the drug acetylcysteine...which is often prescribed for respiratory problems such as bronchitis.

      hey, if nothing, else, it tastes good...and it's comforting when you feel like crap.

      1. I've always understood that chicken soup is medicinal because the nutrients and vitamins from the chicken and the chicken bones are released into the broth. Also, garlic is a great anti-toxin as is parsley. I truly believe capsaicin in chili peppers is good for congestion. So, when I make my chicken soup, I use a full head of garlic and throw in some serrano peppers.

        I also like Tom Yum from my favorite Thai restaurant when I'm sick. The spicier the better.

        1. When I have a cold, any hot brothy liquid helps me but mostly: chicken soup and ginger tea, not together of course....ack!!...but those 2 liquids really help me EVERY time. The soup does not HAVE to be my homemade but it does help!

          1. Absolutely! It is one of a number of things you can do to make yourself feel better. My Natural Health Remedy books says to eat lots of sauteed onions and garlic so make sure to include this. Here is a very yummy looking recipe that I found from Country Living. Mmmm-mmm. I hope it is comforting enough to sooth you in this time of sickness. Best wishes on the road to recovery and good health!