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Aug 7, 2009 01:54 PM

Dragged to Arlington by the Kids, Need To Eat Like an Adult

Here for Six Flags, but desperately seeking memorable dining. Help! Ideas!

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  1. Try Potager. People seem to love that place.

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      Potager is VERY close to Six Flags and would be excellent for a relaxing dinner after a long day out in the sun. I've gone there with my girlfriend after spending a day at Hurricane Harbor.

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        I third Potager's. It is not very close to me but I have been a few times. Housed in what looks like somones old home in the downtown Arlington area. There is no menu, they serve what they serve and it's different each day. You will find a nice salad with home made dressings, probably a quiche and soup and a main course with lovely and organic vegetables. More often than not, the CIA trained chef owner will be there ready for some pleasant small talk. Top the meal off with some wonderful dessert and a cappucino.

        The price is determined by you,and you pay in cash by slipping a homemade envelope into their little mailbox inside.

        Interesting, delicious and cleverly different. A must for anyone in the area that would like a quiet and delightful experience after trudging through lines, roller coasters and searing Texas heat.

        No web site, but find out more via their MySpace...

      1. I would also say Potager. The owner is in the local chapter of Slow Food with me and follows the mantra pretty much to a T.

        If you would like a very adventurous dessert step inside International Food Land. Located at:
        1729 S Cooper St
        Arlington, TX 76010-4229
        (817) 277-1611
        It will be just a bit down from Arlington High School and directly across the street from the vegetable stand that is on the west side of the street. Order the knafeh (Kanafeh) it is made fresh daily from imported quality ingredients. The store can be a bit intimidating at first but once you know what you want slip in and get it. There are people driving from Dallas to get this dish.

        As for other cuisines there is a very large Vietnamese population in Arlington. Any number of Pho houses abound. There are also two very good Vietnamese bakeries so bahn mi would be good at those two. I have heard good thing about Saigon Cali Sandwich or Ba Le both within a half block of each other.
        Saigon Cali Sandwich & Bubble Tea
        1700 E Pioneer Pkwy
        Arlington, TX 76010-6613
        (817) 795-9733‎

        Ba Le Restaurant (I have had the Banh Mi but not any of the other dishes
        )2240 Browning Dr
        Arlington, TX 76010-6603
        (817) 274-0381‎

        I have heard from a very good foodie frined of mine that Prince Lebanese Grill is good. They are located at:
        502 W Randol Mill Rd
        Arlington, TX 76011-5784
        (817) 469-1811‎

        Taste of Europe is a Russian eatery that just popped up on CH. We have very little Russian food here but a growing population so you can give it a go.
        Taste of Europe
        1901 W. Pioneer Pkwy
        Arlington, TX 76013

        If you are into the Puerto Rican food scene then Mi Tierra might be a good choice. I went on a bad night (owners b-day) so I had a not so good experience. I have had other tell me they had great experiences.
        Theya re located at:
        Mi Tierra Latin Fusion
        603 W Abram St
        Arlington, TX 76010-1018
        (817) 861-9144

        For Tex-Mex I like the local chain of Mariano's/La Hacienda Ranch. It is real close to Six Flags just on the opposite side of 360. They are located at:
        Mariano's Mexican Cuisine
        2614 Majesty Dr
        Arlington, TX 76011-5322
        (817) 640-5118

        If you like Chinese, First Chinese BBQ is a good spot that serves the middle ground of dishes. Americanized dishes that are a bit better and also authentic Chinese dishes. They are located at:
        First Chinese BBQ
        2214 S Collins St
        Arlington, TX 76010
        (817) 469-8876

        If in the mood for Indian Tandoor should fit the bill. They are located at:
        Tandoor Indian Restaurant
        532 Fielder North Plz
        Arlington, TX 76012-2309
        (817) 261-6604

        That should give you a good representation of north and central Arlington for you options. I think at most the drive would be 10 mins to central Arlington (International Food Land). This should open you options up a bit. I would highly recommend bringing a cooler and leaving it in the car for lunch at the park. You can not bring a cooler in but you can get your hand stamped, eat at the car and re-enter the park.

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        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Great advice on the cooler in the car at Six Flags. I went to Six Flags about a week ago, and a small lunch (horrible) of a single slice of pizza, fries a and a drink set me back $40 for THREE people. Insane prices for wretched food. There is very little I would consider edible at this park, perhaps the 'pink thing' (quasi ice cream confection) and a smoked turkey leg. All else is to be avoided.