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Aug 7, 2009 01:53 PM

Rye Bread in San Francisco

I have what appears to be really great pastrami and sauerkraut in my fridge (thanks kmanlove!)

But alas, no rye bread. Where can I get great rye in San Francisco?

I read on other posts about Anna's. Face validity: I don't trust any rye that has a name other than "the rye you get at XXX bakery"

Here's what I'm looking for (caveat: I've never described rye bread before so it might be a little touch and go)

- not a dark rye
- crunchy crust BUT also soft crumb
- reminds you of being at home in New York where you don't have to seek out a bakery with rye bread
- you wouldn't be ashamed to feed it to some Ashkenazi grandma with a touch of schmaltz

Kmanlove, have any additions to our description?

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  1. Something that resembles the Rye at Langers in LA would be perfect!

    1. The closest I've come to the rye I remember is from TJ's. Unfortunately it's sliced and can't be rewarmed to get the nice crust. It does make nice toast with peanut butter.
      From the Chow Digest.

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      1. re: wolfe

        Wolfe, you have chow hound searching skills that exceed mine. Why did I not get this when I searched for rye bread on the SF board?

        1. re: SarahKC

          I left the reservation and was searching for the source of TJ's rye when the key words were found in that digest post. Luck and copious free time win again.

      2. Metropolis Baking Co.'s New York Style Rye is the best I've had since I left Brooklyn. It has both caraway and 'black cumin' which is nigella or sometimes called onion seeds. The textures are good; substantial crust and a moist-but-not-soggy interior. Their web site includes a list of retail outlets in S.F. as well as elsewhere in the Bay Area.

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        1. re: Miss Otis

          I concur on Metropolis' Rye. Other than my homemade, it's the best rye I've had in the Biggety Biggety Bay. adam

        2. I like the corn rye from Acme. I don't think I've seen it except at the bakery and they only make it on a certain day of the week. Or maybe they stopped making it.

          1. Haven't had it recently, but the Max's restaurants used to serve sandwiches on (and sell loaves of) rye that was the closest to Langer's I've seen. Crunchy crust, soft inside.

            As an aside, ISTR that the Langer's bread comes from some bakery on Robertson in L.A.

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            1. re: Steve Green

              Mollie Stone's in San Bruno sells Max's rye bread. It's my favorite SF Bay Area rye bread. Perhaps one of the Mollie Stone's in SF can order it for you. I also like the Acme rye bread -- Mollie Stone's Tower Market in SF carries it.

              1. re: Steve Green

                About 10-15 yrs ago I had a sandwich on rye at Max's in Stanford Shopping Center. The rye was as Steve Green describes -- crunchy crust, soft inside. It was good enough that I asked if they sold loaves of the bread and was told yes, for $6.00 a loaf. It was too rich for my blood but it was definitely great bread.

                Hopefully, they still make it the same way.

                1. re: fishhead

                  Now that I think about it, it might have been as long as 10 or 15 years ago. This was at Max's Diner on 3rd, and I think the loaf cost $4, but was almost a double-sized loaf. We ate a lot of sandwiches that week.