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Aug 7, 2009 01:28 PM

Southeast Asian markets/ingredients?

Just moved to the area, and am wondering where the best sources for Southeast Asian ingredients are. I cook a lot of Thai Food and am always on the lookout for hard-to-find items like:

-Happy Boy or Tra Chang brand fish sauce
-fresh galangal, thai chiles, holy basil, kaffir lime leaves
-Lion & Globe peanut oil
-mae ploy brand curry paste
-palm sugar
-most of the stuff on this page:

I live in Cambridge but am studying at the Tufts campus in Chinatown, so a good market in that area would be quite convenient. However, I'm willing to schlep to find the right ingredients!


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    1. fish sauce, galanga, bird chilies, holy basil, peanut oil, curry paste, and palm sugar can easily be found at the c-mart in chinatown. if you're looking for more hard-to-find se asian ingredients like kaffir lime leaves then i suggest angkor watt market and angkor thom market on shirley ave in revere