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Aug 7, 2009 01:20 PM

Prague recommendations

I'm looking for good recommendations for Prague restaurants and cafes. We would love Czech traditional and also contemporary. Also any good pastry cafes or bakeshops as the Czechs are famous for it. Any types would be appreciated as we are here now. We went to a good restaurant at Prague Castle and a little place called Braunav Sklep that was good Czech traditional.

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  1. Have you done a "search this board" for Prague? There is a fair amount of information already there.

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      I did see some recommendations but aside from the posting in May, the others were in 2008. Someone recommended Restaurant David, we might try that. There are a lot of good restaurants in Prague anyway, so far we haven't had a bad meal with the exception of an Italian restaurant near our hotel.

      Is it possible to delete your post?

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        Go to U Fleku. It has everything you will want (beer, pork, bread), nice atmosphere.

    2. I, too, am in Prague right now and have two strong recommendations. The first is Cerny Kohout, warm and wonderful. It is owned and operated by a husband and wife, who are the chef and sole waitress, respectively. The food is excellent and it's very charming. The second is Svata Klara, which is well outside the tourist areas, and kind of in the middle of nowhere (i.e., a nice residential area) -- make sure you negotiate with your cab driver before you get in -- but is terrific, too. It's in a natural cave and has excellent food, although it's not as down-home-feeling as Cerny Kohout. It's very elegant, in fact. Both serve traditional Czech food and it's great.

      1. I’ve been to Prague a few times, most recently this past weekend, and here is what I can recommend:

        U Sádlů: Interesting restaurant with lots of cheesy medieval decorations – armor and swords on the wall, that kind of stuff. The food was very good: boar goulash, various dumplings, etc... (Klimentská 2;


        Mlejnice: Nice little place on an alley (Kožná) near the astronomical clock. If you haven’t had a Czech pork knuckle (aka pork knee) before, why not try one here?

        Street Stands: decent variety of tasty street sausages (along Wenceslas square)

        Jama: Great (for Europe) burgers and decent Mexican food near wenceslas square. (V jame 7;


        Pub / Beer
        U Rudolfina: I’ve heard claims that this place serves what is arguably the best Pilsner Urquell in Praha 1. I don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly is good. They serve food too, but I have never eaten here before. (Křižovnická 10)

        Letna Park: Head east from the metronome and you will find a beer garden with picnic tables. Grab a beer (in a plastic cup) from the little stand and enjoy the view.

        By all means, do not eat a Crocodille (sp?) sandwich. Ever. I mistakenly ate one back in 2001, and I was later told that it was voted “Worst sandwich in the Czech republic”. I believe it.

        1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! i will check them out!

          1. Cafes:
            U Cerne Matky Bozi (the Black Madonna) is a Cubist building on Celetna street and has a cafe called Orient. Breathe history and smoke there, good coffee and cakes.
            Cafe Savoy on the corner of Vitezna and Zborovska st. has good breakfasts and is also a historic cafe, although food is sort of international.
            Cafe Imperial on Na Porici st. is now a restaurant but the historical building is recontructed beautifully and you can just have a coffee and cake no problem. They have a very good pastry chef there too.
            Czech cuisine:
            Cafe Imperial (see above)
            Czech pub food can be tasted in any of the Potrefena Husa restaurants all around Prague. They also have lunch special menus.
            High end Czech:
            Zlata Praha in the Hotel InterContinental top floor serves light and refined Czech dishes with beautiful views
            Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise on Hastalska 18 serves modern take on the Czech cuisine in special degustation menus
            V Zatisi on Liliova st. serves traditional dishes to the highest standards and have a good Czech wine list and good wines by the glass