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Aug 7, 2009 12:58 PM

fresh butter?

looking to see if anyone know where i could buy some non-factory crafted fresh butter? could be sweet or salted. i think of making some but.. always... backs off. i usually shop around kensington mkt or st. lawrence, but would be game for anywhere reacheable by bicycle from eaton ctr area.. THANKS!

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  1. I'm not sure where the butter originates but Olympic in the St. Lawrence Market sells butter they cut off a huge block. I didn't ask where it comes from but I often buy butter from them when I need large quantities for baking.
    I just bought some today for the butter-poached scallops I'm making this weekend.

    Also, most of the cheese places in the SLM carry Stirling, which I believe is a premium butter. Schleffler's, also at the SLM, often carries French butter - yum!

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      I have bought that butter and really like it. It is also very affordable. I asked where it was from and was told a dairy just north of Toronto (Barrie, I think), but didn't get the name.

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        I grew up in Stirling and love their butter! Although it is still factory made it is a very small factory and only 2 hours away from Toronto. So you can consider it almost local!

      2. I remember seeing a huge thing of butter at one of the cheese shops in Kensignton market. It was not far from and west of the parking garage on a north/south street.

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          1. I just went for a walk around the Farmers' market that's held on Wednesday afternoons near the Rogers compound (Bloor East and Huntley St.) and there was a dairy vendor selling three types of crafted butter. Their selection was salted, unsalted, and a whey butter. The lady shared that they're organic Amish dairy farmers from just outside of Stratford and imo, their products looked excellent.

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              I think their whey butter is actually by Stirling and it is indeed good buttter

              I find Stirling's butter not that much better than Lactancia though.

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                Couldn't you just buy some good quality organic heavy cream and basically make whipped cream but take it way too far? My experience with over-whipping the cream is that the result is butter. What would be really interesting is to find a vendor at a farmer's market selling unpasteurized organic milk. That would make some incredible butter! Even if pasteurized, it would be delicious. The Big Carrot sells organic milk and cream. That might be an interesting place to search for butter and dairy products. The Saturday North St. Lawrence Market might have vendors selling dairy products as well.

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                  There is no unpasteurized milk or cream at any markets or stores because it is not legal to sell. The only unpasteurized cream we can buy has been made into cheese, and aged 60 days.

            2. Cheese boutique sells fresh butter or used to anyways, have not been for a little while