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Aug 7, 2009 12:47 PM

Birmingham, MI Bday Recs for Hubby

LA Chowhounder here again! I posted about finding a bday restaurant for the hubby, this weekend, on a lake. Made a few reservations, but also now need a B-PLAN in case my husband is too beat from work to drive.... he may just want to do dinner and a movie nearby (we're staying in Royal Oak and have eaten everywhere here). So would like suggestions for Birmingham. Hubby really likes seafood and is not into real upscale cuisine like Forest Grill (that would be more for my bday). He's a guy. Loves salmon or a nice piece of fish. Regional cooking is always good. Money not an issue, but again, he's not into super fancy places. Thanks!

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  1. You could try Mitchell's Fish Market, on's a chain in the mid-west, but an upscale place and you can wear jeans.

    Forte', on Old Woodward, has whitefish on the menu that could please your hubby and I think they have outside dining.

    Toast, on Pierce, I have never been to for dinner but they have a great lunch menu and might be worth looking into. Yelp comments are mixed, but its fun for a Birmingham place...I like the Ferndale location better, but they don't serve dinner.

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      I already made resies at Mitchell's but then I saw some so-so reviews. Is it good? I was hoping to go for a non-chain restaurant, didn't realize it was a chain when I made the resies. And something more upscale, but not too...?

    2. I visit the area several times a year and always enjoy Streetside Seafood on Pierce in Birmingham. It's small, casual, usually crowded, and they don't take reservations, however, the wait usually isn't too long. The staff is great, as is the food.

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        I forgot about Streetside,,,,great choice with a lot of buzz.

      2. I will mention again. Diamond Jim's Bistro

        It's very cozy inside and you can fly in with a pair of jeans.

        Last time I was there...I had a pecan crusted whitefish. Also had a smoked Salmon app that I really enjoyed. Do a search for and I am sure you will find many happy people.

        1. Ocean Prime, in Troy, is owned by the guy who *used* to own Mitchell's Seafood Market, before he sold it to Ruth's Chris. It's very seafood-minded, and prices aren't what you'd call cheap, but I'm sure both you and your husband would enjoy yourselves.

          I'd second the recommendation for Diamond Jim Brady's, though. One of my personal favorites, but it's a bit of a drive from Royal Oak. Is that a problem? Here are DJB's specials for this week (they started Friday, and go through next Thursday):

          "entrees served with the best ever caesar salad or baby greens tossed with our famous citrus vinaigrette and appropriate accompaniments

          perch "joe meur style"
          michigan perch dusted with garlic flour, sauteed and served with creamed spinach, boiled reds and tartar. 19

          blue light special:confit of duck in crepes
          tossed with orange chile bbq sauce and a stir-fry of oriental veggies. garnished with watercress swished in cilantro vinaigrette. wonderful flavors. 15

          a provencal fish stew of salmon, sea scallops, mussels, shrimp, saffron, garlic, fennel, leeks and tomatoes ladeled over thick baguette croutons and drizzled with a little citrus oil. such a treat! 21"

          And trust me: they serve a *heck* of a nice filet, too.

          Hope you let us know what you choose!