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Aug 7, 2009 12:39 PM

Relocating to Seattle?

My wife and I are visiting Seattle from NYC in 2 weeks as we consider cities that we may be interested in relocating to. We love food and would really like to hear any and all suggestions for places that we must check out to get a feel for Seattle and its dining scene. We are interested in any type of food at all price ranges - including overall favorites, best local cuisine, good neighborhood spots, any suggesetions for Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Mexican, etc. Thanks in advance for naming some of your favorites.

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  1. I would suggest you poke around this board most/many of your questions are answered/debated ad nauseam. If you have follow up questions I am sure my fellow Nwerners will be more than happy to respond.

    1. If you haven't already come, I'd definitely check out the Univ. Farmer's Market. I lived in NYC for a year a few years back and always missed the produce at this market when I was at Union Sq. No offense to Union Sq but the farmer's markets here always just seemed a step up in terms of freshness, as did the bread (try Macrina Bakery for example or the bread at the farmer's market).

      Don't look for good Chinese -- SEA has none that can compare to NYC. That said, it has some great sushi, Thai and teriyaki (search other posts). My favorite more upscale restaurants are Harvest Vine (the food is so much better than the name) and Lark. I find I have to work a lot less hard to get really great food in SEA as compared to NYC. Of course the scope is much greater in NYC. Apparently no great pizza here in SEA though DeLancey's is a brand new spot in Ballard that has given some hope. Just to give a frame of reference I loved 'ino and Totonno's pizza in NYC. We were in Brooklyn and loved Al Di La as well. I actually enjoy the dining scene in SEA better - you have a bit more room between talbes and service is a lot better and I don't feel so rushed out the door here. Its also a little easier on the pocketbook. My two cents....

      1. We moved from NYC to Seattle almost 5 years ago now. Huruta's mostly right except that I think Sichuanese food is better here than in NYC. Sichuanese Cuisine, Szechuan Noodle Bowl, 7 Stars Pepper, Szechuan Chef (Bellevue), etc.

        Vietnamese food is also way better in Seattle than NYC. Tamarind Tree, Green Leaf, Pho Bac, Pho Cyclo, etc.

        Good neighborhood spots are plentiful. Dinette, Quinn's, Spinasse, etc.

        You have to go north to Lynnwood or south to Federal Way (both suburbs) for good Korean food. Thai is mostly nothing special here, nothing like Sripraphai. Good Indian food is depressingly rare for a region with a substantial South Asian population - there are some OK places on the east side. Mexican food is better than NYC in general - La Carta de Oaxaca (Ballard), El Quetzal (beacon hill), Taqueria La Estacion (Burien), Taqueria Huarachito (Columbia City) various taco trucks like El Asadero (Columbia City)

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          Terrier: thanks for the info on Sichaunese food. We should give it a try. I've been to 7 Stars Pepper once with a big group -- should try it again. I feel like I personally 'discovered' that Chinese food could be fantastic while in NYC.

          Agree that Pho is great here in curious about Bahn Mi. We tried ~6 Banh Mi places in NYC and found some really great places. We just moved back to Seattle after being away for 3 years and just had my first Bahn Mi at the Queen Anne farmer's market last Thursday. I was underwhelmed. Given all the Pho places I'm still hopefully we can find great Bahn Mi in SEA.

          Also think that Mex food is better than in NYC in general. Perhaps this is biased by the fact I grew up in Central WA (Wenatchee) and my favorite taco truck in the world is there (Tapatio on Mission Ave). Their pork tacos are a wonder. Of course that's a 3 hour drive from SEA.

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            A bit upscale, perhaps, but Fried Tofu bahn mi at Baguette Box is tops.

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