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Aug 7, 2009 12:14 PM

Wild Blueberries in Ogunquit Maine

Is it possible to buy fresh wild blueberries at this time? We are here visiting and heading home tomorrow. We stopped at a farmstand but they were selling large sized blueberries. We've asked several people and they don't seem to know the answer to this question. Thanks for any help.

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  1. We live in Ogunquit and have not found any blueberries in town, let alone wlid ones. One place we did not get to is a small farm stand in Wells on Route One heading north from Ogunquit on the left side called Buffam Hill Farm- they usually have blueberries. Otherwise you need to go much further north to find wild blueberries for sale at roadside stands.

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      What about taking a hike and picking them yourself on Mt. A? (Agamenticus) That's the only place in the general area that may have wild ones for picking (if any are left). As for buying, Buffam Hill's a good suggestion, but I would think that the best chance would be to hit up the York Farmers' Market right by Stonewall Kitchen and the York Chamber of Commerce on route one at the entrance to 95 south/north in York. It starts at 9:00, and ends around 1:00. Good luck!

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        Have you tried Spiller's farm in wells?