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Aug 7, 2009 12:00 PM

Pittsfield, MA Chinese, steaks, burgers and Italian

Haven't been to the Berkshires in quite awhile. We are seniors and like more exciting fare than Applebee's and Bennigan's can provide. What can you suggest for us in the way of good steaks, Chinese, Italian and burgers? Don't mind splurging occasionally, but generally prefer moderate prices. (Liquor is not important.) Know there are great places in Lenox, Lee, Stockbridge, etc for the Tanglewood crowd, but would prefer to know of places right in Pittsfield.

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  1. The Old Forge in Lanesboro (right on rt 7) for burgers and "casual fare". Elisabeth's on East St. in Pittsfield for Italian. Steaks..... I'd try Kneebone's in the Allendale shopping center.

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    1. For a nice lunch, you can get a great barbequed burger at "The Lantern" on North St. in Pittsfield. For lunch or dinner, you can dine on a large, juicy burger at "Ozzie's" in Hinsdale. "Ozzie's" also has a wonderful menu that fits well into a senior's budget.
      For the best Chinese food, we drive from Dalton to the Pittsfield Road in Lenox to get take-out from the "Panda House." The "Panda House" can be a bit pricey, but it's very good.
      My wife and I recommend "Trattoria Rustica" for authentic and tasty Italian food. Located on McKay Street in Pittsfield, the atmosphere and the menu are very authentic. Please be aware that it can be expensive and you will need a reservation.
      I haven't a single restaurant to recommend for steaks. I usually buy a steak from "Guido's Marketplace" and cook it at home on the grill. It's worth the time and effort.

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          You're welcome. "Trattoria Rustica" is right around the corner from "BRIX," and I agree that "BRIX" is worth the dining experience. Be sure and try "Ozzie's," I know that you'll like it. Just as an FYI, "Ozzie's" is closed on Mondays. Enjoy your visit.

      1. Try Kim's Dragon in Pittsfield- it is amazing food. It takes a little while for the food to get to you but it is well worth it! Its not Chinese (Vietnamese maybe?)

        If you like Italian go to the Highland in Pittsfield. Its very old school & hasn't changed much since its opened but their meatballs are great. Its right off North St.

        I have been to the Old Forge many times & their food is average but their wings & beer are great!!!!

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          Yes, Kim's Dragon WAS all that. It is, alas, no more, despite the sign advertising its opening "soon," which has been there for months.
          The great food in Pittsfield, REALLY GREAT, doesn't fall into your categories, I'm afraid. It's BRIX, and it's a French wine bistro with amazing food, at the beginning of West Street. Closest thing to being in Paris without being there!

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            I should have mentioned French, it is one of my husband's favorite cuisines. BRIX definitely sounds like one we should try. Thanks!

            1. re: bella cuisine

              Hope you like it. It's a bistro rather than a fancy restaurant, so adjust your taste buds accordingly. Pâté of the day, salad of the day, sometimes frittata or quiche of the day as well as main courses, and surprising to say, the macaroni and cheese gratin is terrific! (But it often actually is a café item in France,) Dairé (an Irish name) is the chef, and she always has a special main, sometimes a special dessert.
              Only bad point: no reservations. Because Barrington Stage is nearby and handy for theatregoers, on a weekend it's best to go before 5:45 or after 7:30. Joad (maître d' and Dairé's brother) said they'll seat until 9:30 or 9:45 (very late in the Berkshires!).

        2. Agree with everyone on Brix. Mission (although Spanish/tapas type food) is probably our second favorite within PIttsfield itself.
          The Lantern is a very downscale atmosphere but does have tasty burgers/fries.
          Jae's (pan-Asian) on North St. seems to be unpopular on these boards but I have had good experiences, especially for lunch where you can eat pretty well for 2 with a glass of wine for under $30-35.
          Trattoria Rustica, good atmosphere and service but was pretty disappointed by the food.
          Have generally heard okay things about Mazzeo's as red sauce italian but never been myself, any opinions?

          1. Brix is lovely- if you go be sure to have the lavender creme brulee- very delicate and truly excellent. I also like Trattoria Rustica, but it is pricey. I know that this is a bit far afield, but the best burger I've ever had was in Great Barrington at 20 Railroad- they cooked the kobe beef burger well done AND juicy- and I've been having a real problem finding anyone to cook a burger well done without burning it. Also, I know this isn't what you asked, but the Indian restaurant on North Street is very good. For those of you missing Vietnamese food, check out the home cooking at Pho Saigon in Lee. The prices are so reasonable that we eat there a lot, and the food is very good- fresh and healthy.