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Polish Restaurant to try in Glendale:

My co-worker tried this spot last week and raved about it, he had the # 11 combo, plus they have all u can eat dishes too, see menu:


I'm curious as to what others thought of this spot too? I'm giving it a try tomorrow.



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  1. Glassell Park, actually. Glendale adjacent.

    1. I love Polka. Great food, lovely people run the place, and you get a lot of food for a reasonable price. You start with soup, which is about the best in town. (It changes daily...I've had a spinach soup, mushroom soup, tomato soup, vegetable... all just wonderful). Then you get a small polish salad. And then you get the endree you order. I can eat A LOT and whether I go for lunch or dinner, I always take food home. Their prices have gone up in the last year or so but I still think it is a very good value, given the quality and amount of food. It is simply home cooking. My favorites to order are the Kielbasa - spicy and broiled, not boiled, for me and the Royal Combination plate where you get three dishes: Pierogi (dumplings), Golabki (stuffed cabbage) and Gulasz (beef stew). The combo is great your first time as you get to try a few things at once.

      1. I've only been for dinner, although I know they serve lunch as well. I think they have some of the best soups in LA.

        I really like the pierogies, and the spicy kielbasa. My husband is devoted to the pork tenderloin. One night I had a perfect serving of the roast pork, but on other occasions, it has disappointed. (There have been numerous posts about the place, and I agree with most of them. The entrees are solid, the vegetables are from a frozen mix.)

        They're BYOB, and can get quite busy. Also, they seem to be attracting an indie film/music type crowd, which gives me the giggles.

        Some nights, I love it, and everything feels perfect, but on other nights...

        1. Went for 6 years, when we lived in Pasadena, 7 years ago. Great place, nice people.

          1. the place was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Wish it was closer.

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              Really, how funny, which was it, it's not a diner or drive - in .....

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                Was on last week when your friend probably saw the episode...those pierogies got my attention right away. I'll have to check it out too.

              2. Everything I've had there was good, but it was all in various shades of brown and beige. It's food at the peasanty end of Polish cuisine, not the more aristocratic stuff you get at Warszawa, but not at Warszawa prices, either. Being essentially a peasant myself, I had no problem with it. Pierogies were to die for, sauerkraut and sausages ya wanna stuff in your pants, and the nicest people imaginable. Mom's in the kitchen, Dad's waiting tables, the kid is walking around the room saying Hello... I almost expected to see their toothbrushes in the restroom.

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                  just returned from my dining experience at Polka Cuisine, since I live on the other side of town this was a drive for me.

                  I arrived around 6pm ready to give this a try.

                  Who would of thought that I would be turned down since they have a full house of reservations.

                  It was clearly the owner whom I was greeted by, I told her I was by myself and made a special drive to try their cuisine.

                  She was polite and asked I sit outside on their chairs which I did, ten minutes later she squeezed me in.

                  I started with a Polish light beer called "Zyweic" which was quite tasty, for my main dish I chose # 11 which a friend suggested.

                  Now right after my beer comes next to the table is a small personal lamp and the owner brings me out books on Poland.

                  She was very warm and showed me where she was from and while waiting for the food gave me a chance to learn about the country more.

                  First comes some cabbage soup with carrots & potatoes, this broth was to die for, so tasty I could of made that my entire meal.

                  Also a salad which had a wonderful dressing too.

                  For my main meal it was 3 dishes: beef goulash which was terrific along with what resembled a spretzel, stuffed cabbage, and a perogie (excuse spelling)

                  As well as vegetables: potatoe, carrots, and brocolli, enough food for a king!

                  I knew they had each table reserved for families that made reservations so I tried to eat as fast as possible.

                  Once I was done out of comes a custard type cherry dessert with whip cream.

                  All this with my beer and tip was $35.00

                  I storngly suggest this to anybody that likes to try international flavors.



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                    Stuart, I completely agree with you.
                    My boyfriend and I just got home from Polka, luckily we live right down the street.
                    What a fantastic dinner and charming restaurant. That cabbage soup was to die for, the broth was buttery, salty and smoky. Delicious. We also got the platters and I swear that perogi almost put me over the edge. We had homemade chocolate pudding for dessert which was heavenly, though I was so full I really couldn't finish it.
                    A ridiculous bargain considering how much food you get. It was unending.
                    And I have a fridge full of leftovers that I can't wait to eat tomorrow.
                    I truly can't recommend this place enough!!!