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Aug 7, 2009 11:29 AM

seeking new restaurants in Bucks County area

We're always looking for new restaurants in Bucks County area. Prefer BYOB.
Love anything innovative, different, fun. Also looking in adjacent NJ. Help please.

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  1. Don't know if it's new to you-in fact, not even sure if it's officially in Bucks County-but Mama D's on 611 North beyond Doylestown has been a favorite of ours for the past 2 years or so. Everything is homemade and delicious, the prices are inexpensive , the place is cozy and the people are extremely friendly. They own a near by winery and sell bottles of their wine at the restaurant.

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    1. re: willie 2

      Mamma D's is definitely in Bucks County. We also really enjoy eating there. It is an Italian restaurant with consistently reasonably priced food. The chef visits the tables and chats everyone up, making for a warm and pleasant experience.

      1. re: artgary

        Mama D's sounds Intriguing. Looks like they have some solid veggie selections for my Vegan wife. Going to try it out today.

        1. re: TwoBellies

          Just returned from Mama D's in Pipersville this afternoon. Arrived shortly after 3:00 PM to a very empty Mama D's. We sat ourselves at a table in the bar area as the main dining room was not open till dinner. The bartender was also serving as waitress and brought our menu's to us in quick order. The seating was a bit uncomfortable as we were treated to a video of a chef cleaning salmon, over and over and over again. My wife being a vegetarian, took the seat facing away from the television. I eventually just turned the darn thing off. After a few minutes, we ordered our beverages, I had the house cabernet/merlot combo wine, my wife was given a few samples of some of the other wines made here, she chose the chablis. Glasses were $5.50 and $6.50 each.

          My wife chose an artichoke sanwich with roasted peppers and broccoli rabe, I had the chickent cutlet with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone. Both were served on a nice, crunchy role, $8.00/ea., served with two pickles, fries were extra. My chicken was breaded, which I am not a big fan of. My wife liked her sandwich, mine was a bit on the cheap side.

          A quick note about the ambiance, bottom line, tacky, at best. Albeit I was in the bar area, I felt the :45 minute trip from Horsham was not worth it. I also saw the owner mentioned above and if I had to hear him talk to each diner through my entire meal, I might have told him to pipe down. There's pleasant and then there's intrusive, the latter being more accurate. I was going to buy a bottle of wine to take home, but honestly,the wine sold on 9th street buy the wise guys in S. Philly during the Italian American Festival, is as good..

          Needless to say, we will not return, it seems more like a local joint for a quick six pack pick up then a decent family restaurant I thought it would be. I guess my Philly roots are showing.

          1. re: TwoBellies

            Yes your Philly roots are showing. If you are from Philly (as am I) please take this seriously: there is literally NO good Italian food in the suburbs, period. That being said, Ristorante Melograno in Doylestown (shopping center wth Genuardi's) is VERY good. They are from Puglia and very welcoming. Don;t let the strip mall exterior fool you, the inside is very nice. I also hear, from a relibel friend, that a place called Vecchia Osteria in Newtown is similar and very good, though I've never eaten there.

            I once checked out Mama D's (I work a few miles down the road). Walked in, took one look at the tacky decor and the menu, and walked out. Also, I rarely if ever, taste "homemade" wine that is worth drinking.

            Other places you might like: Honey in Doylestown; Ooka in Doylestown; Yalda Grill in Horsham (Afghani food, BYOB); Vietnam Cafe in Telford (BYOB); Nadia's in Lansdale (for decent Thai, BYOB); Mariachi's in Plumsteadville (BYOB); (decent Mexican); Aman's in E. Norriton and Tiffin in Mt. Airy (Indian, both BYOB); and Manon an Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville, NJ (both BYOB). Hope these help!

            1. re: Schpsychman

              Schpsychman - NO good Italian food in the suburbs? What about Castello's in North Wales?

              1. re: Schpsychman

                Curious where Vecchia Osteria is in Newtown? Haven't heard of it and live and work nearby.

                1. re: gsElsbeth

                  Vecchia Osteria is at 20 Newtown Richboro Road. It's the old "Sal's Las Vegas Pizza" building, re-decorated and re-made. The owner, Pasquale, is the nicest guy in the world and makes some amazing food.

                  Just went there for the first time, had great food - lamb chop special was great, as was the seafood linguine. Appetizers of roasted vegetables and plentiful salads rounded out the main courses, and some homemade cannolis added a great touch at the end. BYOB and fantastic, friendly service.

                  Weird extra - they have TVs in the upper corners of the place that show you the kitchen - you can see your food as it's being cooked. If you're a big fan of kitchen accountability, this place is extra special. Frankly, I couldn't care but the food itself - and the service, and the family-run atmosphere - makes me want to go back.

                  1. re: RobKatz

                    A few weeks ago we ate at Vecchia Osteria with friends of the owners and were treated accordingly. RobKatz is right that Pasquale is a great guy who makes everyone feel special and welcome. His wife is a doll and their kids work there, as well. The food is as good, if not better, than any other Italian restaurant in the area and the fact that it's a BYO is a big bonus.

                    The soft shell crabs were tender and nicely fried. The roasted veggi app was large enough for four of us. I forgot the mains but they were all good. There are so many Italian restaurants it's difficult, for me at least, to call any of them "amazing." But I often make my own pasta and gravy from scratch. Vecchia Osteria is the kind of place we'd spontaneously go knowing the food is good, the price is right and it's a BYOB.

                2. re: Schpsychman

                  I did not know there was Vietnamese in Telford! Must try this soon; I have been wanting Vietnamese somewhere in Bucks/Hunterdon County for a long time.

                3. re: TwoBellies

                  I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Mama D's. My husband and I enjoy it there. They have a pizza that's made on a very light and airy bread that's wonderful. The food is consistently good and priced right. It's a nice ride and nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of more congested areas. In addition to their own wine they sell other Italian items like fresh dried oregano, sauces and pastas just to name a few.

          2. Try La Campagna on Thatcher Road outside of Quakertown. Excellent Italian! Brick oven pizza, homemade gnocchi, many other options. Small dining room. Call for reservations.
            Lovely drive if you take Mountain View Drive to Old Bethlehem Road to Thatcher.

            1. xsivjosh: don't know what you consider you mean newly-opened or new to you?
              If you mean the latter, here are our favorites...all BYO:

              --Just Eat By Brown Gold (Buckingham)
              --Via Ponte (Stockton, NJ)
              --The Summer Kitchen (Penns Park)
              --Marhaba (Lambertvlle, NJ)
              --Hamilton's Grill Room (Lambertville)

              Each of the above joints have been discussed, often in depth and on multiple threads, here on Chowhound and most have web sites with menus and the like.

              Although not BYO (anymore), Ooka has great lunch bento boxes and their sushi specials are fabulous. We're not into hibachi eating, so can't comment on that aspect of things there.

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              1. re: famdoc

                FWIW there are two new restaurants that have opened in the greater Doylestown area. TJ Smiths in Warrington has finally opened in the former Luigi's site. Has outdoor dining. The other is Vintage grill at the corner of Ferry and Swamp Road (313) in the site of the former Mexican restaurant. I have not eaten at either yet.

                1. re: famdoc

                  I'm familiar with all but Marhaba. Where is it? What kind of food?

                  1. re: gsElsbeth

                    As already mentioned, Marhaba is across the Delaware in Lambertville. It recently opened and serves Middle Eastern food. Here is a brief discussion of Marhaba:


                    Marhaba occupies the space where Moustache, also a Middle Eastern restaurant, used to be. If you're interested in why Moustache closed, read the following link (get a cup of coffee first if you plan to read all the other links contained there!):


                  2. re: famdoc

                    Didn't Just Eat close? I would add No. 9 in Lambertville. Very good byob.

                    1. re: JanR

                      It has reopened as Copper Grill. It was sold.


                          1. re: famdoc

                            Thanks famdoc. I know you had posted on it.

                            Several features of the old Just Eat remain, including the prix fixe menu, dishes centered around wood cooking on a grill/stove/oven.

                            They have added beer tastings on two days a week with their menu. They are BYO and their is a small state store right next door.

                            1. re: famdoc

                              Oh! I am getting senile. We did go there for my birthday last year. Not a very positive experience. Everything we ordered was bland. The biggest chunks onion in their mignonette I have ever seen. It was quite viscous and flavorless. Steaks ordered rare were served almost completely well done. One dinner ordered never came to the table. We were not offered dessert.

                    2. We have just discovered Matt's Red Rooster Grill in Flemington and Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell. Both are excellent, innovative (and BYO). Going to Matt's tonight, even though it is a hike from Yardley. Just Eats has been a favorite of ours for years, but both of these are better (I hate to say it).

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                      1. re: gsElsbeth

                        Have been wanting to try Blue Bottle Cafe for awhile! Thanks for the good heads up :-)

                        1. re: littlecmad

                          I've been to Blue Bottle Cafe for lunch. Good food, good service. Haven't tried it for dinner. The BYO makes it all the more attractive!

                        2. re: gsElsbeth

                          We loved Matt's Red Rooster Grill when we lived in Flemington. Gotta be the best place in town for a great dining experience. I'd say it's definitely worth a trip from Bucks County to check it out.

                          Matt's Red Rooster Grill
                          22 Bloomfield Avenue, Flemington, NJ 08822

                        3. My Favorite Bucks County and NJ Restaurants are:

                          Piccolo Trattoria-Newtown, PA AND Pennington, NJ
                          Taormina's-Richboro, PA
                          Lily's-Lambertville, PA
                          Ota-Ya-Newtown, PA AND Lambertville, NJ

                          Not BYOB:
                          La Stalla-Newtown, PA
                          The Saloon-Newtown, PA
                          The Brick Hotel-Newtown, PA
                          J.B. Dawson's-Langhorne, PA
                          Ooka-Doylestown, PA (although the Willow Grove location IS BYOB; WG isn't far from Bucks County)
                          Mother's-New Hope, PA
                          Triumph-New Hope, PA
                          Isaac Newton's-Newtown, PA
                          The Oyster House-Milford, PA
                          The Ship Inn-Milford, NJ
                          Lambertville Station- Lambertville, NJ

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                          1. re: littlecmad

                            I almost forgot Full Moon in Lambertville, NJ; its BYOB; just haven't been able to go there for awhile :-(

                            1. re: littlecmad

                              I haven't been to Lambertville Station in many years. But my friends took their elderly mom there for her birthday this fall and she kept saying loudly that the food was better at McDonalds. She hates that place and much prefers the New Hope Diner. Maybe next year they will wise up and take her to the diner.