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best burger in seattle

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I'll be visiting Seattle for a few days and love cheeseburgers...would appreciate hearing fellow chowhounders favorite places for them (and fries too)...thanks

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  1. This should get you started - although they left off Lunchbox Laboratory - which caused some upheval as some think it is the best burger in Seattle.


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      On LL. I'd agree it's the most elaborate burger in Seattle with all it's black truffle mayo, 100s of combinations and potential "dork"-iness, but I don't think of it as a best burger (and it really should be if they want to charge me $14...)

    2. I would not choose Lunchbox Laboratory...too greasy & overwhelmed by toppings and they pan fry the burgers (probably why they're greasy).
      I like Pig 'N Whistle...great quality organic beef.....thick & juicy...safely cooked rare or med. rare....flavorful, high-quality cheese, delicious bun....simple & perfect...fries are good ( a bit skinny for my preference...I like 'em at least 1/4" thick-cut)

      1. I just went to Lunchbox lab for the first time today. The burger was great, I was very impressed. I wasn't impressed by standing in line for half an hour. Also bad was the one server they had screaming at the top of her lungs. There was a sign saying they are looking for a larger location, I'd hold off until then.

        The orangescle shake was really good.

        1. The Burgermaster @ Burgermaster Drive-In on Aurora, north Seattle. I've had them all---from Red Mill to Dick's and this is my favorite. Great fries as well.

          1. I like the burger at Skillet - it's deceptively small but a real gut bomb and I love that bacon jam! Red Mill is always satisfying when I want a more traditional bacon cheeseburger and I've been a regular at the Hurricane for years. There are a lot of burger options in Seattle, but I'd recommend staying away from Kort Haus on Phinney Ridge. Their exotic meat burgers were awful.


            1. I love the seasonal burger from the awesome folks of Green Go. I get them on sundays at the Capitol Hill farmers market but they have a location in Ballard. They are going to Mexico to farm in late September so support them now. http://www.greengofood.com/

              1. My favorite burger is the Dock Street Burger at Bad Albert's in Ballard. And it's served with hand-cut fries.

                1. I've tried pretty much everything on this list and still feel that the HotHead burger at Lunchbox Laboratory is my favorite in the city and maybe all-time. Yes, it's greasy and expensive but it's so delicious. Plus, the fairly-recently added onion fries are a perfect side for it.

                  All that said, this is a great list and you can't go wrong with anything here.

                  1. For down and dirty Dicks, Burgermaster, and Red Mill burgers are yummy. For fancy deliciousness, Two Bells, Stumbling Goat, and Skillet get my vote. Oh, and the folks who think Seattle doesn't have good burgers have obviously been hit with a serious case of pretentiousness.

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                      Pretentiousness, cavalier negative hyperbole (e.g. "It would be a waste of a meal to search out a burger in this town"), and also, the "Imagined Ideal". This often arises when you try and pin a stubborn naysayer down as to what they actually DO like, and they cannot provide any actual example to compare against those which they criticize so vigorously as substandard.

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                        Burgers like Dick's, Burgermaster and Red Mill are fine, but I'm comfortable in saying that I could find similar anywhere.

                        I think what people are looking for is something unique and memorable
                        Two Bells is getting there, but again, it's not something you'll specifically remember aside from their decision to use an oblong bun (why?)

                        Two burgers have been memorably good for me in Seattle (not that I've had every burger in the area...) Slim's Last Chance in Georgetown (largely because I wasn't expecting it to be so delicious) and Quinn's.

                      2. Back in my UW days I loved the burgers at Schultzy's on the Ave. I don't get to the U District much anymore, but I would totally go for one of those burgers. YUM. They fresh grind the sirloin for their burgers and they come out juicy and delicious.

                        For fast food - I like Red Mill as well. For Hawaii-style teri burgers...Orange King is tops! :)

                        1. I kind like the burgers at Duke's Chowder House due to the sourdough bun. It's been a while since I have been but the most memorable burger that I've had was at Maple Leaf Grill. It's a nice hand formed patty and the the fries were really good. I'm not really a burger afficionado but the Maple Leaf stood out because it was like a good home made burger.

                          1. Wow...what a d-bag that ihateveggies is. I wasn't aware of the universal and completely non-flexible standard of judging burgers. The whole time I thought everyone was allowed to judge by the own criteria...silly me.

                            At the risk of upsetting him again, I'll second the Skillet recommendation as the burger I had there for lunch today was mighty tasty. If they're in your 'hood and you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot.