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Aug 7, 2009 10:38 AM

best burger in seattle

I'll be visiting Seattle for a few days and love cheeseburgers...would appreciate hearing fellow chowhounders favorite places for them (and fries too)...thanks

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  1. This should get you started - although they left off Lunchbox Laboratory - which caused some upheval as some think it is the best burger in Seattle.

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      On LL. I'd agree it's the most elaborate burger in Seattle with all it's black truffle mayo, 100s of combinations and potential "dork"-iness, but I don't think of it as a best burger (and it really should be if they want to charge me $14...)

    2. I would not choose Lunchbox Laboratory...too greasy & overwhelmed by toppings and they pan fry the burgers (probably why they're greasy).
      I like Pig 'N Whistle...great quality organic beef.....thick & juicy...safely cooked rare or med. rare....flavorful, high-quality cheese, delicious bun....simple & perfect...fries are good ( a bit skinny for my preference...I like 'em at least 1/4" thick-cut)

      1. I just went to Lunchbox lab for the first time today. The burger was great, I was very impressed. I wasn't impressed by standing in line for half an hour. Also bad was the one server they had screaming at the top of her lungs. There was a sign saying they are looking for a larger location, I'd hold off until then.

        The orangescle shake was really good.

        1. The Burgermaster @ Burgermaster Drive-In on Aurora, north Seattle. I've had them all---from Red Mill to Dick's and this is my favorite. Great fries as well.

          1. I like the burger at Skillet - it's deceptively small but a real gut bomb and I love that bacon jam! Red Mill is always satisfying when I want a more traditional bacon cheeseburger and I've been a regular at the Hurricane for years. There are a lot of burger options in Seattle, but I'd recommend staying away from Kort Haus on Phinney Ridge. Their exotic meat burgers were awful.