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Sweet Kishka?

Does anyone know of any kishka that has a sweet flavor to it? I tried one at Kosher Castle in Monsey a few years ago and they say they make it themselves -- I'd be curious to know if there is one that is made that is more widely available.

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  1. Anyone know if this place is still around and do they still make their own Kishka. I had great kishka at the now closed Moshavi in Livingston, and have been looking for "unique to a location" i.e. not mass produced, kishka since.

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      In Chicago Romanian Kosher Sausage makes an excellent Kishke - however it is the savory variety -

    2. Actual kishka as opposed to someone's sweet-potato-ey simulation of kishka? Odd.

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        Yeah. Odd. But some people prefer simulated kishkas.

      2. I'm looking for a brand that can be store-bought, by the way. Not just a restaurant purchase. Any ideas?

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        1. International glatt(chaimowitz) kishka is sweet and spicy.

          1. What is "sweet" kishka? I've made the "fake" kishka from Tam Tam crackers which tastes a lot like the kishka of my childhood, but I've never even heard of a sweet variety. What is it made of?

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              If I knew, I might make it myself. I just know it's sweeter than the store bought kinds. Thanks to Joe for your answer, btw. I'll try that.

            2. Schwartz's Appetizing makes sweet kishke that I love. I buy at the Flatbush location (3008 Ave L) There are locations in Boro Park and Cedarhurst too.

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                Prozack: I'm curious. Since you love it, can you describe it? I've never heard of it before. What is sweet kishke made of?

              2. There is a takeout place on Sixteenth Avenue in Boro Park, between 50th and 51st Street - I think it's called "Hungarian Foods," that makes a "sweet" and "salty" version of "homemade" kishke every Friday, which they sell alongside the readymade Meal Mart brand. "Salty" is just the euphemism, I think they mean it's more savoury, with the other one being more sweet.

                Whenever I'm there later on Friday afternoon, when the Shabbat rush is winding down, I notice that the savoury seems to be the more popular one. There always seems to be more of the sweet left toward the end of business than the savoury, which is usually almost finished or already sold out by the time they close.

                I've never tasted it, but you are right, apparently there is such a thing. I'd imagine they put more carrots in it, for one thing. Must be a tradition of it from somewhere "in the old country."

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                  Interesting and thanks. I'd have liked some mass-produced version that I can find in Kosher supermarkets, but I'll just have to eventually hike out to Boro Park to try this. I wonder if their kishka freezes well.