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Aug 7, 2009 10:21 AM

Sweet Kishka?

Does anyone know of any kishka that has a sweet flavor to it? I tried one at Kosher Castle in Monsey a few years ago and they say they make it themselves -- I'd be curious to know if there is one that is made that is more widely available.

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  1. Anyone know if this place is still around and do they still make their own Kishka. I had great kishka at the now closed Moshavi in Livingston, and have been looking for "unique to a location" i.e. not mass produced, kishka since.

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    1. re: patriotsmass

      In Chicago Romanian Kosher Sausage makes an excellent Kishke - however it is the savory variety -

    2. Actual kishka as opposed to someone's sweet-potato-ey simulation of kishka? Odd.

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      1. re: ferret

        Yeah. Odd. But some people prefer simulated kishkas.

      2. I'm looking for a brand that can be store-bought, by the way. Not just a restaurant purchase. Any ideas?

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        1. International glatt(chaimowitz) kishka is sweet and spicy.

          1. What is "sweet" kishka? I've made the "fake" kishka from Tam Tam crackers which tastes a lot like the kishka of my childhood, but I've never even heard of a sweet variety. What is it made of?

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            1. re: Ambimom

              If I knew, I might make it myself. I just know it's sweeter than the store bought kinds. Thanks to Joe for your answer, btw. I'll try that.