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Aug 7, 2009 10:08 AM

Vegetarian-Friendly in Northern Westchester?

I'd like to take my daughter out for her sixteenth birthday. She's veggie, the rest of the family isn't. I'd like to take her somewhere that has more than a token number of veggie dishes. India House in Montrose comes to mind but we live *really* close to there and her debate team goes there after every tournament so it's not a treat for her. Any cuisine is fine, but something kind of "nice" would be preferable. I know a place like Umani Cafe would probably work, but I'd prefer something with a more vegetarian vibe where there would be more choices for her.

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  1. Mauro's in Ossining has quite a few veggie pastas, appetizers, and nice salads.
    If she prefers Indian, Passage to India in Mount Kisco is pretty good, imo (although I prefer India House).

    1. How about Wobble Cafe in Ossining? It's not fancy, but it's very vegetarian friendly and the food is delicious. I highly recommend the Indonesian Tempeh Wrap! I've found Umani Cafe, surprisingly not that veg friendly. You could also check out Sante Fe in Tarrytown. It's Mexican and very good - they also have fake beef made with TVP.

      1. Thai Garden in Sleepy Hollow has several choices....
        I am not a Thai food afficionado, but we enjoyed our meal when we were there and it"s very reasonable. The link I gave you will say an address in Orangebug, but it is the same menu as the one in Sleepy Hollow, I don't know why they haven't updated their website yet. Note that they have a special vegetarian section on their menu.

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          oh thanks for letting me know; I saw that address and figured they had two locations earlier and had recently closed the sleepy hollow one. That *did* look nice.

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            They have a new owner at Thai Garden, and a new name (don't remember what). Menu changed just a bit, but still seems good (did take out about a month ago)

          2. Sue and Hai, in Yorktown, is vegetarian and vegan friendly. They even have a separate vegetarian menu including many dishes with tempeh/tofu versions of chicken and squid.