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Vegetarian-Friendly in Northern Westchester?

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I'd like to take my daughter out for her sixteenth birthday. She's veggie, the rest of the family isn't. I'd like to take her somewhere that has more than a token number of veggie dishes. India House in Montrose comes to mind but we live *really* close to there and her debate team goes there after every tournament so it's not a treat for her. Any cuisine is fine, but something kind of "nice" would be preferable. I know a place like Umani Cafe would probably work, but I'd prefer something with a more vegetarian vibe where there would be more choices for her.

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  1. Mauro's in Ossining has quite a few veggie pastas, appetizers, and nice salads. http://www.maurosrestaurant.com/
    If she prefers Indian, Passage to India in Mount Kisco is pretty good, imo (although I prefer India House). http://www.passagetoindia.us/index.html

    1. How about Wobble Cafe in Ossining? It's not fancy, but it's very vegetarian friendly and the food is delicious. I highly recommend the Indonesian Tempeh Wrap! I've found Umani Cafe, surprisingly not that veg friendly. You could also check out Sante Fe in Tarrytown. It's Mexican and very good - they also have fake beef made with TVP.

      1. Thai Garden in Sleepy Hollow has several choices.... http://www.thethaigarden.com//htm/hom...
        I am not a Thai food afficionado, but we enjoyed our meal when we were there and it"s very reasonable. The link I gave you will say an address in Orangebug, but it is the same menu as the one in Sleepy Hollow, I don't know why they haven't updated their website yet. Note that they have a special vegetarian section on their menu.

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          oh thanks for letting me know; I saw that address and figured they had two locations earlier and had recently closed the sleepy hollow one. That *did* look nice.

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            They have a new owner at Thai Garden, and a new name (don't remember what). Menu changed just a bit, but still seems good (did take out about a month ago)

          2. Sue and Hai, in Yorktown, is vegetarian and vegan friendly. They even have a separate vegetarian menu including many dishes with tempeh/tofu versions of chicken and squid.