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Aug 7, 2009 09:58 AM

Topolobamo or Frontera Grill???

My wife and I will be in Chicago for a wedding and have time for one dinner on our own. We are considering one of the Bayless restaurants and leaning toward ordering the chef's menu. As between the two, which is generally preferred? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't know if one is "preferred" over the other. Topo is more upscale, white tablecloths, higher prices. Reservations do make a difference and they're not always easy to get.

    Frontera is a little more casual and doesn't take reservations. Going early (by 5:30 pm) or at off times can make a difference.

    I don't actually know if the chef's tasting menu is the same for both restaurants, but they do share a kitchen so it's worth asking.

    1. I prefer frontera. i thought topo was a bit stuffy and dated looking though i did enjoy the food. but i thought the food was just as good at frontrera only simpler preparations. i believe its the same kitchen.

      1. Topo will be more polished. Frontera more casual. I'm in it for the food - which is excellent at both. I prefer Frontera.

        1. All very good opinions above. It is really a question of mood. Topo is upscale, Frontera is casual.

          1. Thanks for the advice. Does anyone know if the restaurants are open on Monday? It appears as though they may be closed on both Sunday and Monday. Thanks in advance.

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