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Aug 7, 2009 09:38 AM

Recipes with Swiss cheese

I have only recently started liking Swiss cheese, and when it's not overpowering, I REALLY like it. I prefer Gruyere, but it's a lot more expensive. What can I make with Swiss cheese? A few things I already make are scalloped potatoes and a dish that my in-laws call Chicken Desiree.

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  1. Of the readily-available, popular everyday cheeses, I think Swiss displays the greatest flavor difference between as is and melted, The former can have a bit of an acid finish on the tongue, but the latter is mellow and nutty. In Julia Child's cooking shows, she often used shredded swiss in cheese blends for pizza and other Italian dishes where we'd normally not think of it. It certainly has a place in mac&cheese, but since it is stringy when melted, it needs to partner with cheeses that melt more smoothly and fully.
    Are you familiar with Jarlsberg? Supermarkets have it; it's a very nutty Swiss-type cheese, a step up from generic Swiss and not as pricey as Gruyere.

    A favorite snack of mine is thinly sliced Granny Smith apple on a Ritz cracker, with a thin strip of Jarlsberg on top, microwaved just until it melts.

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      I definitely second the Jarlsberg suggestion-it is a delicious, milder alternative to Swiss-rather addictive as well.

    2. Cool thanks. I'll have to check out the Jarlsberg.

      1. I love tuna melts with swiss cheese and a juicy slice of tomato under the cheese (don't know why it has to be under but it just does).

        1. I like a patty melt or tuna melt with swiss.

          Good over pastrami, too.

          A BLT with swiss is good.

          Swiss on burgers.

          Swiss wrapped around a pickle. Well, I like it!

          Black forest Ham and swiss panini

          A layer of puff pastry, somw swiss, another layer of puff pastry-bake, yum!

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            "Swiss wrapped around a pickle. Well, I like it!"

            Strawberry jam spread on a slice of cheddar is wonderful.

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              Ditto jam and swiss. One of my guilty pleasures is grilled swiss cheese dipped into strawberry or raspberry jam....

          2. The two things I make with swiss is quiche lorraine and swiss enchiladas (although lately I sub cheddar for that). Otherwise it is always on hand for sandwiches, the only one husband eats without swiss is tuna salad.

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              Another annual favorite around here is my baked Rueben dip, it's shredded corned beef , swiss, sauerkraut, with a mustard sauce, served hot with rye cocktail bread.