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Aug 7, 2009 09:16 AM

What is the coolest thing that a restaurant has ever brought you instead of a basket of bread?

So many restaurants send out that boring basket of dinner rolls, YAWN! I really like the places that offer peanuts, but I have also seen potato chips. Anybody seen anything really different?

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  1. At Mame's in Meredith, NH they always bring out their bean spread with an assortment of crackers. The best way to describe it is, that the flavor is somewhat similar to a 3 bean salad, except this is just kidney beans. I think it probably has some mayonnaise in it as well. I've tried to duplicate it a few times but haven't been successful.

    1. This may be more akin to chips and salsa than bread, but there is a brunch place near me that puts out bowls of fruit loops and apple jacks to snack on. Very cute and colorful on the table, if not exactly gourmet.

      1. Kushner's in Silver Spring, MD used to bring out both dill pickles and cinnamon buns.

        1. At a Churrascaria we went to they brought out cheese puffs, fried polenta, fried yucca, and a crumb coated fried banana. Good stuff!

          I love the places that have the in shell peanuts. We went to one with my daughter and her family and you know you can toss the shells on the floor. Horrified my 6 year old grandson! he piled them up on the table.

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            I haven't seen a place like that in a while, I figured it had gone the way of the dodo with all the peanut allergies. I know a place near me ( a chain I think ), used to do the peanut thing, and you could throw the shells no the floor.

            1. re: im_nomad

              There are a few around here. They have a sign out front warning that if you have severe peanut allergies that you might want to go somewhere else for dinner.

            2. re: danhole

              No one does the peanut thing here anymore since the peanut scare and I sure did miss it, but now that I have a child who is allergic I guess it is for the best.

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                Brazilian cheese puffs are called "Pao de queijo" lit. "cheese bread". Food of the gods!

              2. I go to a Jewish deli that brings you rye bread and dill pickles when you sit down.

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                1. re: Salty_Loves_Sweet

                  At my favorite deli in NYC it's two kinds of pickles and fresh fried gribnetz (chicken cracklings).

                  1. re: BobB

                    BobB, care to share the name of the place? Sounds like a must-go to me.

                    1. re: dmd_kc

                      Second Avenue Deli (which is no longer on 2nd Ave, it's now on E. 33rd).