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Red Vines Tubs available in N.O.?

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I'm coming into town for a week for the IPCPR (cigar show) and we tend to get four or five tubs or Red Vines for every show. I'm hoping I don't have to pack them, and can just buy them when we get into town.

Does anyone know if they available for sale in N.O? I tried calling the listed Sales Representative:


but she pawned me off on someone else who didn't answer the phone.


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  1. Well, I called Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. No luck. They do have Red Vines, just not the tubs.

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    1. re: cheapbastid

      Try these grocery stores:
      Rouses Market
      NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115 7 am-10 pm (504) 896-7910

      New Orleans Metairie
      Phone: 504-899-9283
      Fax: 504-895-2264
      Phone: 504-831-6682
      Fax: 504-831-5389

      1330 Arabella Street
      New Orleans, LA 70115
      800 Metairie Road
      Metairie, LA 70005

      Dorignac's Food Center
      710 Veterans Blvd.
      Metairie, LA 70005

      Breaux Mart
      2904 Severn Ave.
      Metairie, LA


      1. re: BayouEgger

        Called Sams, no dice. Called Rouses and Lengenstein's, no dice.

        I guess I'm packin' Red Vines.


      2. re: cheapbastid

        Try the two locations of Cost Plus World Market. WM often has candy not easily found elsewhere.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Tried the two in the N.O. area, and they don't carry it.

          Thanks for the idea though!

          The Red Vines rep called and said that they don't really go for red licorice in that area, so they don't distribute. He suggested I call Sams.