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Aug 7, 2009 08:41 AM

PHX--Aiello's Back Door Pizza

Aiello's on Central is now selling pizza out the "back door" It's actually a pizza window behind the restaurant. They have misters and a few tables for waiting. They are only doing 50 pies per night. I had one on Tuesday and thought it was great; A real NY style pie. Here's a link to a picture I took

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  1. That pizza looks great! We are looking forward to trying it this week.

    1. I picked one up Friday night. It was okay, but maybe too New Yorky for my taste. Although I grew up in New York, I've never been a big fan of NY style pizza. My wife and I prefer a different ratio of crust to cheese to sauce to toppings that what Aeillo's cooked up. The heavy layer of cheese and the large size of the pie made it overwhelming for us, and I think we'll stick to Pat's Pizza Plus at 12th St. & Glendale when we want pizza to go. For those who really crave NY style, though, I think Aiello's does what it does quite well. We still enjoy eating in Aiello's dining room with access to the full menu.

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        I would have to agree with silverbear about Aiello's pizza... I find it a little too much for my tastes. As previously stated, Aiello's really piles on the cheese to the point where it is overwhelming. Each slice feels like it weighs about a pound due to the abundance of cheese and toppings; the crust isn't able to support the weight so slices should be eaten with a fork and knife. I've visited them twice for the pizza and I do not think I'll be back.

      2. We had the pizza tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for the rec!

        1. Aiello's is now serving pizza and calzone at lunch.

          1. Has anyone had the pizza lately? We loved, loved, loved it at first and the last two orders have been marginal at best.