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Aug 7, 2009 08:18 AM

Great little pizzaria in Rome

Our concierge directed us to this little pizzaria called La Foccaccia behind Piazza Navona on Via della Pace, 11, and it was a complete surprise. It was easily the best pizza of the trip, and my margharita with bufala mozarella was absolutely delicious. If this place existed in NYC or Westchester, posters would be writing love letters. Here, it's just another pizza joint with a nice brick oven, good dough, delicious tomato sauce and incredible mozarella. An embarassment of riches! But this also goes to say that you don't have to follow the foodie cannon to have a great meal in Rome!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. We'll be in Rome in early October, and I'm collecting names for Sunday night pizza.

    Does La Foccaccia serve Roman-style (thin) or Naples-style (thick) pizza?

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      They serve both, but we had the Roman style. I'm dreaming about it now from Cairo where there is no good pizza!

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        Here's another fine pizzaria for your consideration. Take the Metro to Piramide and walk four or five blocks west on via Mormoratta. Make a left beyound Volpetti (the excellent food store). You will be in the heart of Testaccio. Ask anyone for further directions to Pizzario Remo (nearby). Its a local institution. Its thin crust and there will be a long line for outdoor dining. I've eaten there a half dozen times with never a complaint.

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        M&M jfood just finished the hotels and now onto the meals for 11 days in October. Research beginning here and pizza definitely on the list.

        Thanks for the head's up.

        1. My boyfriend and I had been living in Rome for 3 months, myself having graduated from a school in Parma, which is famous for their food, we naturally wanted to find the hot spots where all the locals ate. Sadly, Rome is nothing in food culture compared to Piedmonte and Reggia-Emiglia BUT!!! DAR POETA was the best pizza I had while living there. The pizza was inexpensive, the area was beautiful (Trastevere), and most of the people who were "food tourists" were themselves Italian. I would definitely recommend this place. ROSCIOLE is also famous in Rome for their pastries and breads as well as pizza bianca. It is located near Largo Argentina towards Trastevere.

          1. Great you enjoyed your pizza in Rome,

            Just for reference my favs pizza places in Rome Trastevere are ROMA SPARITA, IVO, DAR POETA, PANATTONI (here don't miss the delicious supplì).
            Near Piazza Navona I like MONTECARLO, and close to Piazza del Popolo I really like the constantly crowded IL BUCHETTO (via flaminia 119). Il Buchetto also serves delicious bruschetta!
            Hope this helps:-)
            Nancy Aiello