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Aug 7, 2009 08:15 AM

Best chocolate chip cookies in Bergen?

What are some of the best places in Bergen County to get chocolate chip cookies?

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  1. OK, this is going to sound crazy, and they may not be THE BEST in Bergen County, but the Inserra owned Shop Rites make OUTSTANDING chocolate chip cookies. The Ramsey store in particular almost always has delicious fresh cookies. I've gotten the cookies from the Hillsdale and Fair Lawn Shop Rites as well. It's a roll of the dice when buying cookies at the Fair Lawn store though, as they don't always have them, and sometimes they're hard. They're fairly priced, I think around $6.99 per pound at most of the stores. (Make sure you get the ones direct from the case, not the "cheapo" ones they sell in the multi packs. Completely different worlds.)

    Fairway's chocolate chip cookies are very good too, but believe it or not, Shop Rite's are better. The flavor is very close, but Fairway's cookies are slightly grainier than the Shop Rite cookies. They sell for $5.99 per pound at Fairway.

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      You don't sound Crazy I completely agree. They are so good at Shoprite. The little Brownie bites are pretty good too. The only place that compares is the Ones from BJs or Costco. BJs and Costco do a great job on cakes too but Costco is just a a little bit better.