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Aug 7, 2009 08:11 AM

Casual Quick lunch in Portsmouth NH

On our way to Ogunquit, thought we might stop and have lunch in Portsmouth(never visited before). Where would you suggest going for a quick casual lunch(nothing fancy or ethnic) so we could experience the city?

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  1. Portsmith is beautiful! In the main part of the town (it's a big open space)-- there are a bunch of small cafes. From what I remember, there's one counter service cafe (my husband loved their mozzarella sandwich) and one waiter service cafe. Both werent' expensive and had salads and sandwiches. There's also Annabelles- a fabulous ice cream shop tucked away on a side street right near the water.

    BTW- Oqunquit is such a pretty beach town. There's an Italian place (up on a hill, near the beach, sorry forgot the name) that served the most delicious looking pizzas. We had Italian soda concoctions and an amazing slice of carrot cake there. They have menus and it's waiter service for the food, but for dessert, you can just walk right up to the counter and bring your food over to a table.

    1. Cafe Espresso is a favorite of the locals. I was directed there by the staff at Anchorage Inn and Suites. It is open for breakfast and lunch and I recommend it for the parameters you have listed. It is on Islington Street in the Plaza mall.