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Aug 7, 2009 07:59 AM

one day and night in boston. what's the best without breaking the bank?

i will be in boston all day sunday and am looking for a great lunch and dinner spot. i would prefer a casual lunch spot that isn't touristy, but just great local food. location isn't really important, but i'm staying off boston commons.

for dinner, i am looking for something mid-ranged in price. something italian, bistro or seafood would be great. again, no tourist spots. just somewhere that has great food. i haven't been to boston in years, so i'm at a loss. please help! thank you!

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  1. after searching the boards, i'm thinking maybe oysters at neptune and then dinner at mama maria or hammersley.
    still would love recs on casual local lunch spot.
    thank you!!

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    1. re: kdub

      you really want to eat like a local on a budget - here you go...

      breakfast at charlies on columbus
      lunch at galleria umberto's in the north end
      dinner at anchoives in the south end

      total: $50

      1. re: BoDubya

        All 3 suggestions are not open on Sundays.


        1. re: JoJo5

          anchovies is open, but not the other two.

      2. re: kdub

        I think those look like solid options that most on the board would agree with. If you're starting in the North End for oysters, you might also consider Taranta.

        Casual lunch- I always like Chaquerero, you can search for recent threads, but especially with the good weather predicted, a sandwich in the park might be nice.

        1. re: kdub

          if you're considering mamma maria ($30-$40 entrees, $20-$30 pastas) then most restaurants will be within your budget e.g. Prezza, Scampo, Troquet (if it's open on Sundays) PS. Grotto is a good suggestion

        2. what about alive and kicking for lobster rolls?

          1. You might want to do a search on this board for "visiting Boston". Be sure to switch the search to relevance.

            1. As others have said,many of the places mentioned are closed Sundays.

              If you're near the Common, you're close to Chinatown..dim sum at China Pearl, Vietnamese at Xinh Xinh, Montien/Thai(ask for the Thai menu), Penang/Malysian, Peach Farm for Hong Kong seafood...ora short walk to the North End for oysters at Neptune and a pizza at the original Regina's.

              Dinner..Grotto on Beacon Hill for Italian or 1 of the Chinatown places.

              None of these will break the bank unless you go crazy (easy to do) at Neptune.