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Aug 7, 2009 07:58 AM

Le Bernardin

So taking my family (parents and sis) to Le Bernardin for dinner. We've all never been before and would love some suggestions. My sis hates seafood so she'll probably be getting the vegetarian or chicken stuff. Although she is not averse to a good filet of sea bass.

Basically, any suggestions for Le Bernardin virgins?


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  1. Also, is the whole red snapper in baked in salt crust worth two people getting the same thing and the rest of us missing out on tasting different things from each other? haha...

    1. is there a reason it HAS to be Le Bernardin? they will do meat items on request, but it really is a seafood restaurant. it strikes me as sort of a waste for your sister to eat there...

      1. Even though I like fish and seafood, when we had the tasting menu a few months ago, there was one dish on it that I didn't care for. So I substituted the squab since it is something I adore. Big mistake! Not that it was bad, but not nearly as good as squab dishes I've had elsewhere. And definitely not even close to the sublime fish and seafood dishes. Moral of the story: If your sister "hates seafood," Le Bernardin is the *last place* you should be taking her.

        1. Your sister should be eating seafood here; if she still hates it after experiencing what is arguably the most accomplished seafood restaurant in the world, she's probably beyond all hope.

          But seriously, I know many people who went to Le Bernardin not crazy about fish but came back raving about their meal. Try to convince your sister to try the seafood dishes. If this place doesn't change her mind, no place on the planet will.

          As for the best dishes on the current menu IMO:
          - Black bass, braised celery, Iberico ham-green peppercorn sauce
          - Baked lobster, white asparagus, sauce gribiche
          - Escolar, potato crisps, red wine béarnaise
          - Any ultra rare scallop prep
          - "Surf and Turf"

          The sauciers at LB are unmatched in NYC, you'd have to go to France to find something comparable. LB is very traditional about the way they approach sauces, so there's a strong emphasis on them. That Iberico ham-green peppercorn sauce was probably refined over the course of months. As for the red snapper baked in the salt crust (for two), while the presentation of the fish tableside is seriously impressive, I think the red snapper with tomato consomme is the better dish.