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Nov 5, 2004 07:43 PM

No cod at Solley's!!

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Just back from a week of fabulous eating in Oaxaca, Mexico, too lazy to grocery shop, wanting to stay in the neighborhood and seeking pretty much anything as long as it was tortilla-free, my husband and I went to Solley's in Sherman Oaks last night specifically for their "smoked fish brunch" which we have enjoyed many times in the past at various brunch-appropriate and non-brunch-appropriate hours of day and night. Lox, bbq cod, whitefish, potato salad, coleslaw, olives, bagels and cream cheese. We're not big fans of whitefish but are big fans of cod, so we always got double cod instead of the whitefish component. What a disappointment and irritation to discover that Solley's no longer carries cod. What kind of freakin' deli doesn't have cod? I know, I know, Solley's is owned by Jerry's and that should speak for itself, and yeah I realize that Solley's is not all that popular on this board. But it's the closest deli to our house, like 5 minutes away, and we like it ok for some things. It takes at least 1/2 hour to drive to Brent's and that was not on the agenda, and I don't care for Art's which is reasonably close (and I'm really not wanting to start a deli debate here, I'm just needing to rant). This "we don't have cod anymore" got me so flustered that I literally couldn't think of another thing on their humongous menu that I would want to order, so we got up and left without ordering anything.

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  1. The price on smoked cod is so outrageous that fewer and few delis are carrying it.
    I think Katella Deli near me is up to $23 a pound.
    Two years ago it was $16-which was a crime then.

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    1. re: Bob Barnett

      I heard from one of the delis that the WHOLESALE purchase price of the smoked Cod is approaching $20 per pound.

      1. re: Bob Barnett

        Haven't had Solley's, but I assume we are talking about black cod or sable fish, rather than Atlantic Cod. Sable is has a much richer taste and mouth feel. It smokes beautifully, whereas Atlantic cod can be a little dry when smoked.


        1. re: pablo

          No, we are not talking about black cod. This is smoked Pacific Cod that the Delis in L.A. serve.


        2. re: Bob Barnett

          I just came back for Katella longer selling the BBQ Cod! Where can I get this stuff? I grew up eating this and have been craving it!

        3. Still consider yourself fourtunate, out in this neck of the woods we are reduced to getting our LASSCO lox at Von's, and it has been years since I've seen any BBQ'd cod in any supermarket.

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          1. re: Chino Wayne

            Get the smoked salmon at Costco. Blows Lassco crap out of the water for $8 a pound. Much richer flavor.
            In 1 1/2 lb packs.

            1. re: Bob Barnett

              Great tip, thanks.

              1. re: Chino Wayne

                Debbie, Wow! That is surprising they had no cod. I assure you I would also walk out if I came to a deli for any smoked fish and they didn't have it. Cod is a staple in a deli, almost as much as pastrami or corned beef. Anything that is associated with Jerry's cant be real good IMO. Good news though Brent's still had cod.

                Also, only a few deli's carry sable. Brents told me that he tried to carry it but there was no call for it. I only know about sable because I have gone to delis in Miami where it is widely know and ordered.

                1. re: SIMIHOUND

                  Not only do they not have cod but they - and Jerry's - don't have kasha varnishkes. No kasha varnishkes! At a deli!

                  I realize this has nothing to do with cod, but still, I had to vent.

          2. Have you tried Mort's Deli off Reseda Blvd in Tarzana? It's in front of the Vons.

            1. sable is one of my favorite foods in the world. try nate and al's in beverly hills. i'd call first- once years ago, i went and they were sold out.

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              1. re: Clyde

                Forget Cod, have you ever had Baked Salmon. Not every deli serves it, Label Tabel and Brent's do. It not oily as cod, with a great taste

              2. It's not just delis, kids - the plain fact is that we are ALL running out of cod. The Atlantic hasn't had a sustainable cod fishery in several years now, and even the Alaskan cod is getting scarcer and scarcer. The bacalao you find in Latino markets is now pollock and stuff, not cod. Better get used to those substitutes.

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                1. re: Will Owen

                  I happened to run across Brent from Brents a few days ago and he said that they are making their own cod because the supplier closed up a while ago. I guess that any deli getting cod at this point is getting it from back east or a source unknown. It is no wonder it is so expensive and that I have not had a satisfactory fish plate in years. I think that if I want good smoked fish I will fly it out next day Fedex ( I have access to corporate acount thank G-d) from Miami where I have family. Every corner deli in Miami has excellent smoked fish including sable which is the gold of smoked fish IMO.

                  1. re: SIMIHOUND

                    That is correct about Brent's making their own cod. I was not impressed after trying a piece of their cod, it had a funny smell and flavor not like the other product. Most of the other major delis in LA are getting their cod and other smoked fish as you point out from the East Coast. I called around and found out that most delis are carrying Smoked Cod, Lox and Whitefish from Acme Smoked Fish in Brooklyn. Check them out at It appears that on the East Coast they supply places like Russ and Daughters, Zabars and Barney Greengrass. So the Delis out here seem to be buying their smoked fish from a great source.