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Aug 7, 2009 07:08 AM

Saturday Lunch in Paris for 4 girls celebrating a 30th


Myslef and three girlfriends are visiting Paris for a 30th birthday lunch. I have a budget of approx 100pp for food and drinks.

I wanted to book the 70euro lunch deal at Jules Verne, however, it is not offered at the weekend.

I think a Brasserie would be a good option (to suit all 4 of us), but a previous experience at Bofinger left me dissapointed.

Alternatively a typical French Bistro would suit. I loved Le Petit Pontoise but not sure if it special enough for a 30th.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.



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  1. What about Le Violon d'Ingres, Rue Saint-Dominique, 7th arr.?

    With the 38€ 3-course lunch, you'll have plenty of €€ left for some champagne to start with!

    Or Le Petit Céladon at the Westminster Hotel, Rue Danou, 2nd arr.
    55€ 3-course lunch on weekend, incl. wine and coffee.

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      I would add L'Espadon (Hotel Ritz) for their 80E lunch, or Bar Vendome, which offers a light lunch menu. And the great photo ops are gratis.

    2. If you are going after the end of August (they vacate for July and August) try Le Grand Vefour. There is a set 88 euro lunch and it is a lovely, elegant and probably not what you'd consider a bistro as it is a bit more formal. The website is: You'll be able to see the place and also an example of their lunch menu. Look at "dejeuner" and you'll find it. It is rated a 28 out of 30 by Zagats. I think it is a very special place.

      1. is on the rue Beaujolais in the 1st arrondisement.

        1. La Rotonde is a very good brasserie.

          You don't say what day your meal should be, I'm assuming a sat lunch? A lot of the good bistrots, traditionnal or innovative, are closed then.

          I must say le Violon d'Ingres strikes me too as appropriate to your request. Also Ramsay's Veranda in Versailles.

          If you want to try fine dining, Le Cinq's 85e lunch is offered on weekends. But unless you drink tap water, you won't stay on budget -- the same is true, methinks, of other fine dining suggestions in this thread.

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            Much as I respect Soupie, I wonder if since he and I ate with Gordon in Versailles, things have changed after he's cashed in his chips.

            1. re: John Talbott

              Well, they do have a brunch on sundays now, instead of a lunch, which is a pity. But staff and chef haven't changed, and I don't think anyone saw Gordon in Versailles to start with. But hey, I'm happy to goback and check again anytime.

          2. Georges on top of the Centre Pompidou has a phenomenal view and I think would be great fun for a girl's 30th birthday lunch. Also Cafe de L'Homme has a phenomenal view and a hip vibe. Food at both is perfectly fine and fun. I think you want to go for more of a fun vibe than a stuffy 5 star experience.

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              no such thing as a five star restaurant in France

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                I love the terrace at the Café de l'Homme and I like Georges enough, but none would qualify as a traditional Parisian bistrot -- they're more places following international standards right from an episode of "Alias".