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Aug 7, 2009 06:38 AM

Krispy Kreme back on LI

The donut/coffee wars on Long Island seems to have just heated up again. Just visited a brand new Krispy Kreme store in a strip mall in Farmingdale on Hempstead Turnpike. Different format - No viewing of the making of donuts as they are not made there, they are shipped in. Was told they are trucked from MIlford Connecticut twice a day but wil soon be coming from another facility which will have "the window" in Baldwin. And no "hot" sign. Donuts seemed abit less sweet and somewhat smaller than I remember, but still good for a sugar fix.

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  1. When they were here, they were selling the donuts in supermarkets too. Maybe that's the plan again?

    1. It's my understanding that they stopped the free donuts when the hot sign is on thing awhile back.

      1. Strange business plan. I always found their donuts too sweet, with a glaze that seemed a foot thick. The only appeal was being able to get a hot donut. If I wanted trucked in, I can go to 7-11.

        1. So, in order to keep the last locatgion in CT open, KK has to export to Long Island. You'll get product a minimum of 2-3 hours old-Yechhhh............
          The Milford location is always deserted. They exist on sales to supermarkets and renting spaces in their parking Lot. Every day there is a large truck parked in the front space with a large GOT JUNK sign.
          How appropriate for the vile product made inside KK.