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Aug 7, 2009 04:37 AM

New Neighborhood -- East 40s

Any advice for me? I just moved into a new apt on East 40th St -- looking for a good butcher recc, where to buy fish, any good restaurant finds, or and bagels... do I have to go to Ess-a-Bagel on 50th and 3rd, or is there something closer? For shopping are my best bets Grand Central Mkt and the Amish Mkt on 44th and 2nd? Just wondering what there is here that I don't know about. Thanks!!

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  1. Yes Grand Central Market and Amish Market are your two best bets for shopping. There is a butcher on 1st ave in midtown east. Daniel's bagels on 37th st & 3rd ave are excellent, as is sarges for your NYC deli needs on 36th and 3rd.

    Here's the link to the butcher and other good stuff in your new nabe:

    1. When I used to live in the east 50s, I used to go to Simchik's for meat, Pisacane for seafood and Ideal Cheese Shop for... you guessed it, Cheese. They're all on 1st in the low 50s. The prices are far more reasonable at those places than the GC Market.

      The Amish Market is good for produce, and the prices are pretty good. Their dry goods and other groceries are a little overpriced though, IMHO. They have a decent seafood and butcher counter, but the specialty shops are better for full service.

      1. Daniel's is probably best bagel option. Pinacle (45th and 3rd) has acceptable bagels but certainly won't win any awards. Bagelry (30th and 3rd) probably has. When I'm in the mood for a soft, warm bagel I like NY Bagels & Cafe (33rd and 1st).

        1. I live on E 40th too. The most important food shopping fact is that on Wednesdays there is a nice Greenmarket on 47th between 1st and 2nd. There you can buy extremely fresh fish from Pura Vida, as well as fine produce from vendors such as Maxwell's. Bread from Corrado's in Grand Central. Surprisingly, the supermarket on the corner of 40th and 2nd has a good selection of generally fresh herbs; other than that, it is of no interest - apart from the good beer selection. Half a mile away, a Financier pastry shop has just opened, at 54th and 1st.