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Aug 6, 2009 09:57 PM

Gift for a Food Lover

I'm looking for a good gift for a food loving partner. To add a twist, it can't be food itself or anything used in the preparation of food. Not being on her level of food fanaticism, I though I'd turn to the experts on this site for some help.

To get the ball rolling, my initial impulse was to find her a book, cook book or otherwise, that focuses more on the sensual and aesthetic pleasures of food. Pretty pictures, great stories, interesting biographies -- that type of thing. Great recipes would be a plus, but that's more of a secondary goal.

So, any favorite book tips you can pass along? Any gift you dream of getting or have had success giving to others? Any help would be much appreciated.



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  1. Why not a take her to an unusual or 'unique cuisine' type restaurant.

    1. It's not clear from your post whether this is a romantic partner you're talking about, but if so you might take a look at a book called Intercourses:

      It's a cookbook of foods purported to be aphrodisiac and includes some creatively sexy photographs involving food and nudes. If you go to their Web site and look at the recipes you'll see small reproductions of some of the photos, one above each recipe. In the book they're full-page and beautifully printed.

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        bob, well....orangepeel did say food "lover". ;-).

      2. A great book for someone who loves food would be Heat by Bill's a great read.

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          I think Heat appeals to only a certain type of audience. You can love food but not really be that into Mario Batali or certain aspects of that book. I liked the scenes where he started out working in a kitchen, but didn't care for the rest of the chapters. In terms of getting a good idea about working in a kitchen, I felt like Kitchen Confidential was much better.

        2. How about a Couples' Cooking Class?

          1. Gift certificate to some place like Sur le Table or a local cooking shop; perhaps lessons or go to a great cheese chop and ask them to put together a gift basket with some wine.