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Aug 6, 2009 09:36 PM

Why do all the dairy restaurants in the five towns have the same menu?

Seriously. Just came back. Checked out Mom's and Central Perk's menus, then asked about Sunflower. Was told it was more of the same. Ate at Central Perk. Not impressed with what I ate or with the service. Didn't go to Ruthies because it has been years since I went last and I wasn't sure what I was in for. Would that have been better? Why can't anyone get this right?!! I am annoyed.

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  1. Very simple......Because we put up with these lousy menus and people (especially in the 5 towns) are afraid of change......Food change of course.

    1. There used to be a place in Cedarhurst called Dairy Review. They had things like cheese blintzes, salmon crockets, delicious potato soup and lots of the more traditional diary dishes from the past. I miss them.

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        I loved dairy revue, Food was great, price, was right and I happened to enjoyed watching the owner's contempt for the patrons. their seems to be a unsatiable appitite in the 5towns for over priced chick food. Mom's is probobly the best of the bunch but it is the same thing over and over again.

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          it would be a happy day for me if dairy review reappeared, as long as it didnt take away carlos and gabby's :-)

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            Loved Dairy Revue (even 20 years ago when it was called Delicious Dairy). I loved the food so much, I called the guy to get his pirogen recipe and he wouldn't give it up. Make him come back!

        2. It is more of the same, and I can't understand why they keep opening up restaurants with the same type of food. I never ate at Mom's (fills up very quickly) but I happen to like Central Perk the least. Worst French Onion soup I've ever had and not I was not impressed with anything else I have had there. I am not huge fan of Ruthies, but the food is decent. I happen to like Sunflower and I think the menu is a bit more diversified than these other places. Coffee Bar (on the same block!) is good as well.

          1. i have been complaining about what I like to call "Israelis do Italian" for years! And now it seems there is more of the same menu coming to town. . . Cravingz and Crawford's. Does anyone else want to see a Village Green (of Jerusalem) type place open with more healthy and unprocessed foods? Not that I am Miss Granola, but canned mushrooms are disgusting- I won't eat them on pizza and I certainly don't want them in my $12.95 bowl of lettuce! Even Dairy Revue (a"h), not exactly known for it's "light" fare had the Cottage Cheese and fresh diced veggies on a baked potato.
            Of the existing places, I would put Central Perk and Coffee Bar on the bottom, with Ruthie's not much better. Sunflowers and Mom's would be top-rated- the food is fresher, the stores are cleaner.

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              Love that "Israelis do Italian" line. It is so true. BTW, dairy revue would serve an absolutely fresher than fresh tuna salad that I still dream about. Everything was fresh. And, you mention the clean factor. I was pretty surprised about the state CP was in. Mom's seemed better. Central Ave was teaming with shoppers yesterday for your outdoor street sale. It's a both cafes were not busy. That should tell them something. Oh well.