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Why do all the dairy restaurants in the five towns have the same menu?

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Seriously. Just came back. Checked out Mom's and Central Perk's menus, then asked about Sunflower. Was told it was more of the same. Ate at Central Perk. Not impressed with what I ate or with the service. Didn't go to Ruthies because it has been years since I went last and I wasn't sure what I was in for. Would that have been better? Why can't anyone get this right?!! I am annoyed.

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  1. Very simple......Because we put up with these lousy menus and people (especially in the 5 towns) are afraid of change......Food change of course.

    1. There used to be a place in Cedarhurst called Dairy Review. They had things like cheese blintzes, salmon crockets, delicious potato soup and lots of the more traditional diary dishes from the past. I miss them.

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        I loved dairy revue, Food was great, price, was right and I happened to enjoyed watching the owner's contempt for the patrons. their seems to be a unsatiable appitite in the 5towns for over priced chick food. Mom's is probobly the best of the bunch but it is the same thing over and over again.

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          it would be a happy day for me if dairy review reappeared, as long as it didnt take away carlos and gabby's :-)

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            Loved Dairy Revue (even 20 years ago when it was called Delicious Dairy). I loved the food so much, I called the guy to get his pirogen recipe and he wouldn't give it up. Make him come back!

        2. It is more of the same, and I can't understand why they keep opening up restaurants with the same type of food. I never ate at Mom's (fills up very quickly) but I happen to like Central Perk the least. Worst French Onion soup I've ever had and not I was not impressed with anything else I have had there. I am not huge fan of Ruthies, but the food is decent. I happen to like Sunflower and I think the menu is a bit more diversified than these other places. Coffee Bar (on the same block!) is good as well.

          1. i have been complaining about what I like to call "Israelis do Italian" for years! And now it seems there is more of the same menu coming to town. . . Cravingz and Crawford's. Does anyone else want to see a Village Green (of Jerusalem) type place open with more healthy and unprocessed foods? Not that I am Miss Granola, but canned mushrooms are disgusting- I won't eat them on pizza and I certainly don't want them in my $12.95 bowl of lettuce! Even Dairy Revue (a"h), not exactly known for it's "light" fare had the Cottage Cheese and fresh diced veggies on a baked potato.
            Of the existing places, I would put Central Perk and Coffee Bar on the bottom, with Ruthie's not much better. Sunflowers and Mom's would be top-rated- the food is fresher, the stores are cleaner.

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              Love that "Israelis do Italian" line. It is so true. BTW, dairy revue would serve an absolutely fresher than fresh tuna salad that I still dream about. Everything was fresh. And, you mention the clean factor. I was pretty surprised about the state CP was in. Mom's seemed better. Central Ave was teaming with shoppers yesterday for your outdoor street sale. It's a both cafes were not busy. That should tell them something. Oh well.