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Aug 6, 2009 08:59 PM

Alfresco Thai in Philly?? (or Vietnamese?) BYO?

The lovely girlfriend would like to enjoy simultaneously a pleasant August evening outside and some delicious Thai (or Vietnamese) in the city, but I'm at a loss. Any recommendations that satisfy? I'd love to make her happy here.

BYO a plus! Thank you for the help!

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  1. I believe that Trio (26th and Brown, Fairmount) has an outside deck and has chow-worthy Thai food! (and BYOB)

    There is also Asia on the Parkway, but their food is kind of eh IMHO

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    1. re: Bigley9

      Thank you for the rec Bigley9. Trio was perfect. Not the best Thia I've had but very solid; wonderful seating on the second floor deck - very quaint and romantic; nice small neighborhood feel; very pleasant staff. Even comp'd two desserts because we had to wait 15 or so mins for the outdoor table. Not necessary at all, quite nice. Again, just what we were looking for for the evening! Would return.

      1. re: michael

        Glad it fit the bill. Sometimes it is the sum of the parts!

    2. Another option is Vietnam's West Philly outpost. They have sidewalk seating only, and it's fairly non-atmospheric unless you like to people-watch passersby. Food is solid as always. This location is a small storefront, with maybe 25 seats inside and 3 sidewalk tables.

      1. Cafe Vientiane in West Philly on Baltimore near 48th has al fresco out front. It's Laotian and Thai. I've only been there once, but I thought it was good. It's BYOB to boot.