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Aug 6, 2009 08:52 PM


Hi hounds, hoping to get some suggestions for a cocktail party next weekend. would be 25-30 people, we are ok spending $1000 on food/drink but would like to convert to cash bar after that limit. Something semi-classy like a restaurant would be ideal, esp a quiet neighborhood type that would appreciate the business -- am considering a party room at a frat bar, but i'd prefer not to put my friends through that (plus they don't have sparkling wine, it's not a good celebration unless there's some kind of bubbly!) Full bar preferred (not just beer/wine) and doesn't have to be completely pvt room (back of restaurant ok)


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  1. try bar area of tailor maybe. $ may not go that far but fun and quality food and drinks

    1. The private room at ñ (33 Crosby St) is really nice.

      1. Many years ago, we hosted a similar party on a budget at a gallery in NY. The gallary owners were pleased to have people exposed to the art and it was a nice place to have a party. It was cheaper for us to hire a bartender (Columbia University has a student bartender program), and bring in the booze. We even had a caterer that we used that would just deliver the food, but let us put it on tables. It turned out to be an elegant fun engagement party.

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          thanks for the suggestions, i'll look into tailor and n -- while i do like jwg's idea, i have major time constraints which is why it's taken me so long to find a place. i doubt i'll have the time and energy to pull all of that together by next week, i really need it all to be there already.

          if there are any other ideas out there, keep'em coming!

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            We helped throw a cocktail party for some friends on a very tight budget at Salute (of all places) on 38th & Madison. They closed off half the restaurant (the lower half if you've been) for our group. They actually did an impeccable job, the guests gave great reviews for the food. I would recommend at least checking them out. They bent over backward for us... I got the feeling they really appreciated the business.

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              Jane has a private area as well as The Smith.
              I've had a party at La Palapa in the West Village.
              You can also try Choice Kitchen and Cocktails in Gramercy.

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            JWG, i think that's a very clever idea, I'm looking into that for a 40th birthday, which gallery was it , do u remember? Did the gallery charge you, how much? Thanks!!

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              jwg, can you tell me which gallery by chance, that is a wonderful idea, how much did they charge you? thinking of doing the same for a upcoming friend's 40th.

            2. Hey all, thanks for the helpful suggestions. After a lot of phone calls that friday, we actually settled on the Bubble Lounge which was perfect for us since we could focus on the drinks but still have canapes available (they offer party platters which were very good!). We had our own bar setup downstairs and there was plenty of room for everyone (my main concern). It's not a very glamorous-looking room if that's what you're looking for, but it was a nice basement lounge. They even offered Lady M cake pkgs, our favorite! They did a great job and we would totally have another party there again in the future!