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Aug 6, 2009 08:02 PM

Bistro LQ

I'm waiting for a review of this new restaurant in the old Mimosa location. Although I've seen a few mentions of it on CH, I really can't find any real review. Has anyone been there" What do you think?

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    1. Had dinner here Wednesday night, arrived at 7:30 to a nearly empty place, but within the hour it was more crowded. I would describe the decor as casually elegant, soft lighting, nice banquettes along the walls with up and downdraft spot lighting. They had just obtained their liquor license so there was no official wine list (wish I had known I would have brought something appropriate). The waiter described a few bottle that they did have, we ordered a pinot noir from the Sonoma coast, Endiku, which was quite nice for $54.

      Food can be ordered as full or half portions both in the overture category as well as mains, with a few exceptions only available as full orders. The waiter first brought an amuse bouche of porcini with one escargot in a crisp fried potato thread cornucopia: delicious. We then had the uni and tapioca which came with a mussel served in a lobster gelee. This was amazing both texturally and taste-wise. I would say the best uni dish (other than fresh uni from an urchin just harvested) I've ever had. Chanterelles with sweetbreads accompanied by some kind of gel that I can't recall were excellent also. The braised veal cheeks were accompanied by a pea gazpacho, pea shoots, a pea guacamole (not succesful) and a corn sorbet. This was also a very satisfying, rich dish. Grilled scallops served on thinly sliced artichoke hearts were mundane, but they were accompanied by a small torchon of seared fois gras on smear of hummus with home made corn flakes which was a real treat. The flakes were very crispy and slightly sweet and were a great foil to the rich and soft fois. We also shared the lamb composition which consisted of one chop, some braised shoulder, a piece of sweetbread and tongue in the same braising juice. This dish was disappointing: the chop was overcooked, the braising juice over powered all the meats and had a strong flavor (?allspice). The chocolate assembly dessert was a small souffle, a light mousse and a layered cake/cookie, all delicious. The complementary petit fours were also nicely done. Service overall was very good, especially considering they have only been open 2 weeks. The check before tip came to $154 which seemed very reasonable to us given the quality of the food. We are greatly looking forward to returning.

      1. I went there last Saturday night with my wife. We had a total of 5 dishes plus 2 desserts:

        Oatmeal w/ Lobster - very tasty, but slightly overcooked
        Foie Gras 3 Ways - very, very good and rich
        Artichoke - good, but not outstanding or particularly memorable
        Eel - very, very good, but also slightly overcooked
        Hanger Steak (2 orders) - bland, poorly cooked, a very bad choice
        Chocolate Composition - an utter disappointment, way more style than flavor
        Peach Crumble (a special that night) - big disappointment, basically a raw peach with crumbled pie crust

        Great service, great ambience, very well priced and would have been a very good experience had we stopped before we got to the meat and desserts. The desserts were so bad that I don't think I would go back unless I hear of a change in pastry chefs.

        1. Dined last Friday. Servers were very nice, helpful. Amuse bouche was wonderful--maybe my favorite flavor--a mussel on top of cheese polenta, with a delicious sprout on top.
          For starters, we had the uni, frogs' legs and pistachio mousse. The uni was good--very fresh, great rush of ocean taste. We didn't find the frogs' legs so interesting--the bbq sauce and begonia chutney didn't highlight them particularly well. The pistachio mousse and its accompanying crab stuffed zucchini blossom were my favorite starters--creamy and very flavorful. I'd love to have the mousse at Thanksgiving.
          Our entrees were the eel w/chanterelle grits--loved the grits, salmon w/bone marrow royale and chicharrones--somewhat dull--salmon was a little dry and fairly ordinary in flavor, and the pork--tasty, with a nice cardamom wine glaze.
          We chose 2 compositions for dessert--one around peaches, the other around chocolate. I loved the peach one. The ice cream had a great, fresh cardamom flavor, always a plus for me, and the crumble was delicious.
          My friend and I enjoyed LQ, found it reasonable and agreed we'd return.