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Aug 6, 2009 07:08 PM

Help find good bakery in North O.C.!

I'm tired of receiving (or buying for someone else) those same ol' grocery store cakes. Usually they're flavorless, dry, and have an overly sweet, waxy frosting. I'm an adult for goodness sake! I deserve an adult cake with adult flavors like chocolate with Almond Roca filling or lemon with passion fruit filling. Ooohhh yaaa...

So please, if anyone knows of a good bakery in NORTH Orange County I would greatly appreciate it :)

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Thanks for the links. I think I'll try Beverly's Best in Fullerton tomorrow. It sounds good.

    2. How about Long Beach? Sweet & Saucy just opened their doors last friday. I went saturday and was very impressed with the quality of the desserts. The couple that opened the place know how to make great desserts that look and taste great, and are really nice as well. Melody (the owner) made the jump from blogger to bake fanatic to caterer, and now has her own shop. Take a peek at her website - I think you'll be impresssed.

      1. Beverly's Best is truly one of the best bakeries around here in North Orange County. I think you'll be very pleased. Not only do they look beautiful, they taste great too. We've been going there for years. So many birthday cakes, beautiful fruit tarts as dessert for dinner guests, whimsical and tasty cookies for the kids, tender scones for brunch... the only thing we had never ordered was a wedding cake. Well, when our son got married a few months ago, Beverly's Best was the bakery that their reception venue included in the package. We knew they would do a beautiful job and they did. Beautiful and delicious. It really is a great place. Hope you love it as much as we do!

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        1. re: schmoopy

          Beverly's Best is excellent. If you don't mind traveling to Tustin, Cream Pan is excellent. Or at various locations, Pascal's Epicerie for breads and pastries is great.

          1. re: stuffed

            I 2nd Cream Pan and like them more than BB, although they carry different products (patisserie v bakery).

            However, for cakes (office birthdays) I'm often asked to pick them up from 99 Ranch for the light white cakes with the airy whipped frosting w/fruit.

            Wholesome Choice in Anaheim Hills has a nice selection of desserts (including fruit tarts and baklava).

            1. re: OCAnn

              I think the French would call Beverly's a patisserie and Cream Pan a boulangerie-patisserie.

            2. re: stuffed

              I can attest to the goodness of both places, but Cream Pan doesn't have mini chocolate ganache cakes that I can eat in one bite. Also, the little creme brulees at Beverly's Best are dangerous. That whole place is dangerous.

          2. Michelle's Cake House in La Habra. Best cakes ever. Make sure Michelle makes them, she does them extra special.

            1. Katella Deli. The bakery there is really really good. Danishes, babkas, rugelach, hammentaschen (poppy seed, prune, etc). The bread is also very good.

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              1. re: mikester

                Just avoid strawberry pie, which is not good -- loose pastry cream in a hard shortbread shell with not-great strawberries drowned in that weird oddly-coloured reddish syrup.

                Agree about the pastries, though.

                Also check out Blackmarket Bakery -- they're in Irvine but it's not THAT far from North OC, because I know they have passion fruit filling.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  Such a slippery slope. Cream Pan is in Tustin.

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    concur with BLACKMARKET BAKERY. it's the best in the OC. my sis drives from long beach to get their cakes there.