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Aug 6, 2009 06:55 PM

Marie's Bakery in Forked River

Does anyone know what happened to Marie's Bakery at 212 Lacey Road in Forked River.

They were the BEST when it came to cheese filled crumb cake and pastries.

We stopped by last week and they were totally gone. I hope that they are planning to reopen somewhere down there.

Thanks for any info you may have!

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  1. i understand that they had been trying to sell it for quite some time and finally gave up. I really wasn't thrilled with most of their stuff.
    Although I haven't been myself, I have been told that the Waretown Bakery on Rt. 9 is under new management and has great cheese buns and terrific rye bread. Might be worth a shot.

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      I wasn't thrilled with Marie's stuff was marginal at best. BTW, the business is still for sale.

    2. Really, the both of you were not thrilled with their stuff - WOW - then I want to know what bakeries down there that you do like. We really liked their cheese crumb cakes and some other items. We will have to check out the Waretown Bakery. Thanks for posting.

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        Just popping in here with a comment. I haven't been to either bakery mentioned, but did want to recommend the Big Apple Bakery in Manahawkin. It's in a very tired shopping center off Bay Ave, next to a SuperFresh grocery store. It's a very good bakery; the owners were from Brooklyn. I had their Italian bread last week, it was very good. But I think their sweet items are better than the bread, imo. Excellent strusel, black and white cookies, cakes. I have a very close friend who is an excellent baker and she thinks this is one of the best old fashioned bakeries she's been to!