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Aug 6, 2009 06:48 PM

Could this really be the real 'Swedish Chef'?

There is a reasonable resemblance. His story certainly is interesting.

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  1. Too bad they didn't have a clip of him from when he was younger. Definitely interesting, though.

    1. as a real fan of the real muppet swedish chef, i'd venture that there's a very, very high probability that the human swedish chef is the real inspiration for the muppet!

      1. The photo for those who can't access it.

          1. Another goodie--The Swedish Chef and Jacques Roach. Dig his fabulous French accent, he is absolutely INDESTRUCTABLE and eats to win!

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            1. re: kattyeyes

              i love "eats to win"! LOL!!

              i'm happy youtube has soooo many swedish chef skits. i'd forgotten how he always says "BORK BORK BORK!"

              oh no! look at this! you can buy a coffee mug with any urban dictionary definition on it.
              here is one of their definitions for "bork":

              >>>2. bork 389 up, 164 down
              Exclamation commonly used by muppet swedes.
              [usage, as in:] Bork bork bork.<<<

              you don't think he was being prophetic, though, meaning "bjork bjork bjork"?örk (prior to this, i've never seen uncyclopedia ;-).

              and did you know the swedish chef's role in international software technology intrigue?

              1. re: alkapal

                Well, isn't this educational first thing in the morning! ;) I love Urban Dictionary. Check this out:

                Bork 18 up, 8 down
                1.) A corruption of the Swedish word for 'away'; used by the Swedish Chef when
                he throws objects into the air. (Adj.)

                2.) The corruption of english language to sound as if the Swedish Chef was
                saying it. (N.)

                3.) To change regular writing or speech into "Borked" language or speech. (V.)
                1.) "Bork, Bork, Bork!" (throws away ladle)

                It reminds me of that "tribute to the letter F" clip that was floating around about 10 years ago that praised such a versatile word because it could be used as a verb, a noun, and adjective, then went on to provide examples. Still funny!

                Bjork in her "Enjoy" red t-shirt is hysterical, by the way! And that is pretty funny about MSN!

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  did you read all the unclyclopedia entries? here's just one: "Björk was shöt by Dick Cheney while trying ön her cöstume för the 2ÖÖ6 Öscars and was unable tö attend."

                  1. re: alkapal

                    BTW, I loved the idea of getting any Urban Dictionary definition on a mug till I saw it was $20! It's cool and clever, but $20 for a coffee mug? GEEZ! Too bad, too, because I loved their definition of one of the expressions I hate the most. Something that became very popular to say in my workplace in 2005: "It is what it is."