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Aug 6, 2009 06:48 PM

Db Bistro burger - Is it worth it?

I have been posting about finding a great burger since I am really craving one. I am considering Spotted Pig, Minetta Tavern, and now DB recently popped on my radar since I forgot I have wanted to try it for awhile also. These three have been on my list for some time but I am having trouble deciding where to go. I will be dining solo tomorrow, and do not have reservations at any. I will be walking in whereever I go at 5:30 which is when they all open their doors so I am SOMEWHAT helpful I will be able to get a table. DB bistro is the only one on opentable but has nothing available.

The other two do not take reservations, however the guy from Minetta Tavern told me they will seat you at the bar where you can order from the full dinner menu. Spotted Pig I have heard tends to be an insane wait, however I am betting that for one person and at 5L30 i should be able to get in. Their site says 8-10 is the busiest. Where should I go? Is the DB burger as good as advertised? I have heard mixed reviews. Seems like everyone loves SP and MT.

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  1. Well, DB burger was all that when I had it. Note, that was within a few months of its creation. I cannot vouch for it now. People love Pig and Minetta, note, they are scenes, so you will have more positives for that reason alone. Just a note.
    Rarely are restaurants underrated.
    Overrated is allllllllllllllll the time.
    If you are going at 5:30 solo, you will probably be alright anywhere unless they are just being difficult. I cannot say they won't be.

    1. You can get seats not just at the bar but in the whole large front room without a reservation. DBGB serves several different burgers. The most conventional, the Yankee, is a decent burger, medium-sized, well made - and the fries are good. You will not dislike it, but there is absolutely no reason to make a special journey to eat it. The other burgers have pulled pork or pork belly thrown on top, if that rocks your world.

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        I am talking DB Bistro Moderne, not DBGB. Sorry if I did not specify.