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Aug 6, 2009 06:41 PM

Sonoma restaurants

Hi, my sister and I are flying my parents out to Sonoma for my mother's 70th birthday and my father's 68th birthday. We have all been tasting in Sonoma multiple times, so we have great ideas for wine tasting. I'm just stuck on where to take them for a nice dinner. I'm a teacher so I cannot afford something on the French Laundry price level. I'm looking at Estate and The Girl and the Fig. Opinions????? Have any other suggestions? We are staying up in Glen Ellen.

Thanks! Kathy

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  1. Given the occasion, Estate would be my first pick. For food, but not atmosphere, Cafe La Haye would be second.

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        The back patio area is really nice when it's not too hot out. If you are going for dinner, it should be pleasant back there. Feels a little more special outside than inside in my opinion. I could see that being a lovely setting for a special dinner

        Swiss Hotel & Restaurant
        18 W Spain St, Sonoma, CA 95476

      2. Estate or Harvest Moon Cafe would be my recommendations. Estate has a nice, elegant feel that should be nice for your mom and isn't too expensive (if you can exercise some restraint with the antipasto). I'd recommend it over Girl & the Fig, which has good food, but always feels very crowded and loud - the tables are really tight, both inside and on the patio.

        Harvest Moon is probably my favorite of the restaurants in Sonoma. The setting is a little less refined than most of the others, but it's a small, independent restaurant and the food has been really good when I've been there.

        The other option is Cafe La Haye, which is really tiny, but there haven't been any real reports since they got their new chef.

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          Thanks for the recommendations! I'm thinking Estate or Harvest Moon:)