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Aug 6, 2009 06:40 PM

Blue Bottle Cafe @ SFMOMA Rooftop Garden - Anyone try the desserts (my pics)?

When I asked the lady working there where the desserts were from the lady said they are made in the kitchen in the back. They look good, but I didn't try them. Anyone?

These are the desserts I saw:

Robert Frank Orange Whip $5 - just a drawing of a tall mug
vanilla bean ice cream, orange sorbet, citrus soda

Katharina Fritsch ice cream sandwich $5
chocolate shortbread, vanilla ice cream

Thiebaud Cake $5 - buttercake, lemon curd, raspberry buttercream

Cookie plate $6- double chocolate; saffron & vanilla snickerdoodle; sesame absinthe cigar; spicy gingersnap; rosemary pinenut shortbread

Mondrian cake $8 - vanilla cake, red velvet cake, chocolate ganache

Chocolate pudding - Valrhona chocolate $5

I got an Affogato $5.75 - w/ tax $6.30 - ice cream from Humphry Slocombe in a cup w/ espresso. I liked the ice cream, espresso is strong.

My pics:

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  1. I've had two of the cookies at the other Blue Bottle locations:

    - saffron and vanilla snickerdoodle: really bad. The flavor combination makes it taste stale.

    - double chocolate chip: excellent.

    So, if you order the cookie plate, I recommend asking them if they can substitute the snickerdoodle for another double chocolate.

    FYI: If you have a student ID, then admission to SFMOMA is free.