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Aug 6, 2009 06:17 PM

Good food in York Harbor Maine?

We're going to the Stage Neck Inn in York Harbor Maine for a few days of R&R.

Anyone have any foodie suggestions for us? Two adults and two grown kids.

Lobster rolls are a favorite.

Thanks so much!

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  1. There is a nice place on Rt1A headed north out of York Village that is very good, and a good place for children. Called the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound.( I think you will like this place. Stay away from Blue Sky, in downtown. Very expensive, and not a good place for kids. You can check many previous posts on Chow hound on this place..There is a nice kid friendly place in down town. Its called the Goldenrod. ( Also there is a nice place headed out on the road to Nubble Light House, I'm sending you a site that you might also find helpful. ( Any way good luck and I hope the weather is good for your trip.. Earle Ct.

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      I really have to disagree, with stay away from Blue Moon, my wife and two adult kids, went there for lunch on wed this week and found it to be very accommodating, and the food was very good , yes it’s a more expensive that some of the fast food joints down town but absolutely far superior in my opinion . if they had said young kids you may be right but they are asking re grown kids. Just my 5 cents as the place Blue Moon really was excellent food and the service was so good as well

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        The stay away recomendation was for Blue Sky, not Blue Moon.. Im sorry you missed the name, And Im glad you got a good meal at Blue Moon.

        1. re: Earle

          sorry , I had blue moon on my mind , it was Blue sky, and yes it was good

    2. The pub at the York Harbor Inn is pretty good.

      Barnacle billy's

      Brown's Ice Cream at nubble light!

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        second the pub at york harbor inn, one of my all time favorites

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          third the pub at york harbor inn - lobster cobb salad is great!

          Blue Sky was overpriced and very loud last time I went. There are other good choices if you have that kind of a budget. Arrows is superb but on the very high end, Five-O in Ogunquit has been very good the past few times I've been there.

      2. high end, Arrows in Ogunquit, ok for grown kids.
        MC Perkin Cove
        On the Marsh in Kennybunk
        Joshua's in Wells
        the dinning room at the Stage Neck is fine; good cocktails with your coupons in Porches
        Annak Jans in Kittery, great fried olives as well as great wine list.
        lobster in the rought, go to Cauncy Creek in Kittery off of Route 103.
        Annabelle's for ice cream in Portsmouth in addition to Browns in York Beach by the Hubel Lighthouse.
        Provence 98 as well as roberto's in Ogunquit.
        enjoy the beach.
        this weekend, there is a bbq contest in Elliot. should be on Route 91 which is west of the route 1 and 1A intersection in York. check out the kansas city or new england bbq sites for info.

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          MC Perkins Cove is average at best, Provence 98 uses too much salt and creme and Blue Sky is average though the bar is great.

          I recommend Black (sushi), Gypsy Sweethearts and Amore Breakfast in Ogunquit and the pub at the York Harbor Inn.

        2. The Chapman Cottage Inn is a sleeper. Most folks don't realize it serves dinner. Very good food, nice presentation, comfortable dining room. IT also serves a tapas menu (that includes a limited half-entree choice, with salad) in the lounge.