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Aug 6, 2009 06:06 PM

Hwo to separate frozen fish?

I like to buy fish that is already frozen from trader joes etc. Only problem is that there are usually 2-3 fillet's or pieces in one frozen pack. I am single and live alone. I only want to defrost and eat just ONE piece and re-freeze the rest. I am not strong enough to break the pieces apart (I'm a tiny person and I'm weak). How do I separate the pieces without defrosting the whole thing??

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  1. use a knife with a blade that's at least half as long as the pieces, and *very carefully* slide it between them, twisting/jiggling ever so slightly.

    1. I've had success with running the package under lukewarm water until the fish defrosts just enough to separate the fillets.

      1. Thank you. I will try these tips...

        1. Jackie, don't know if you have a publix near you, but their frozen fish is excellent and each package contains two individually packaged (usually 6-ounce) portions. I regularly buy their snapper, cod, haddock, and flounder.

          1. I think you are stuck with defrosting to some extent. I just chuck the whole kit and caboodle in a sink of cold water. My advice to you as a single would be to defrost the lot, then refreeze after individually wrapping. Also, it is better to defrost early rather than late, as ice accumulates. And now they are separated when you need them.