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Squeal BBQ

WOW! I just finished dinner here and can't believe how good their food is! Pulled pork, grits and corn, ribs, baked beans were the best I've had in the city. I had to come home and check what people were saying on Chowhound, but I'm surprised more people aren't recommending this place. Just a tip for those looking for a new BBQ place. Well worth the visit. I'm happy I live up the street!

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  1. I have not heard of this. Where is it, and what is the menu?

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      8400 Oak St
      New Orleans, LA 70118-2046
      (504) 302-7370

      A couple blocks off Carrollton. I just looked them up online and they have a site with their menu. http://www.squeal-nola.com/

    2. if your looking for some GREAT BBQ, go to Hillbilly BBQ in River Ridge...damn good food!

      1. Hillbilly is good, but kind of a trek. I have been eating Squeal several times a month since I was introduced to it and I think it is the best bar b q in the city.It is owned by brothers that had worked for John Besh and the food rocks!

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          Hillbilly and The Joint are far better choices - the best I can say about Squeal is that they are open late

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            Pretty mediocre, IMO. Had BBQ all over Texas, up in Memphis and KC... and NO. I know NO isn't a big BBQ place, but Squeal was on the lower end of my spectrum overall.

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              Squeal is my new favorite and the best bbq in the city. No where else even comes close IMO.

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              I couldn't agree more. My experience at Squeal was dreadful. The meat was dry, the waitress was not with it, and the bbq sauce was sub-par. I'd go to the Joint 1000 times before I'd risk another visit to Squeal.

          2. I have not tried Squeal yet, but I have only heard average to poor reviews from others. I'll hold off on judgment until I try it personally.

            Since this has somewhat morphed into a best of NOLA BBQ thread, let me say that Walker's is by far the best that I have had in NOLA. http://blackenedout.blogspot.com/2009...

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              Walker's ribs and CDL are, indeed, deserving of inclusion in the top ranks of NOLA BBQ places

            2. Honestly, the food isn't that great. I went there one time with some friends and the food i ordered came out cold and tasted less than fresh. I was sorely let down. I guess I agree when people say the only positive thing about it is that it is open late.

              1. I completely agree. I moved to New Orleans from Houston last year and had, until going to Squeal, been really disappointed in the BBQ here. Squeal is the best in town in my opinion. Well worth the visit. :-)

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                  the joint has the best bbq in town...check it out on poland ave.

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                    I will. Thanks for the recommendation. I tried to go there once but they were closed. Until I've tried the joint though, my top vote still goes to Squeal. :-)

                2. I haven't yet eaten at Squeal, but I do have a mild complaint. I work long hours and don't get out much, but I really wanted to try Squeal. I saw on their website that they deliver, and I live in the neighborhood, so I decided what I wanted and then I called. They told me they weren't delivering that night. I have subsequently tried to order from Squeal three more times over the course of the past month or so, only to be told that the delivery guy hadn't come to work or they were trying to hire a new one. Finally, last time, the girl on the phone said she wasn't entirely sure they did deliver. So if you get home at 8 p.m., after a 13-hour day, thinking about the six-pack of Abita in your fridge and how great it's going to be with the pulled pork and coleslaw, make sure you have a backup plan.

                  1. What style is Squeal's sauce? My current fav is The Joint, but have been trying to get to Hyster's which was recommended by a friend - has anyone tried Hyster's?