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Aug 6, 2009 05:10 PM

Recs? Las Vegas Strip, Mod Price (<$25?), Great food?

My husband and I are driving through Vegas. We will be celebrating our anniversary that night and wanted a delicious dinner (our smaller town is really lacking in this, so we hope to enjoy something great in Vegas). However, we are on a pretty tight budget, and were hoping to find something with entrees costing less than $25 a plate (is that asking too much?). I looked through a lot of boards, and found that a lot of highly recommended places were much more costly. We would like to do that eventually, but just can't right now. I love great food, and would love to find something within our budget within walking distance of the Strip, as that will be where we are staying.

Thanks ahead of time for all your help :)

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  1. Ps. I forgot to mention that we are really open to most any kind of food. My husband won't eat sushi, however, so as long as there are some options for him, that would be excellent :)

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      I would suggest a good buffet on the strip. Your entree plus a drink will buy a really great buffet at the casinos.

      I used to go to the Spice Market at the Aladdin. I think it was $27.85 plus tax.

      1. re: Sid Post

        This is Chowhound for God's sake! We can do better than recommending old-school mediocrity and gluttony. That's hardly chowish!

        The less than $25 stipulation presents a challenge, but it's not an impossibility and hardly a reason to resort to the B-word.

        Creative ordering at Enoteca San Marco will likely yield the price you seek.

        Tapas at Cafe Babareeba will be quite pleasing to both the palate and wallet.

        Although it sounds pedestrian, Burger Bar is an experience to remember and you'll still have $$ for a beer or two.

        1. re: climberdoc

          Awesome ideas, climberdoc! Burger Bar would be excellent...Ridgefield/Ridgeway beef starts at $8.95, Angus beef starts at $9.95...I had the Angus myself...cooked to a lovely medium rare. I quite enjoyed my Angus burger and sweet potato fries...albeit, I added the black truffle sauce, the foie gras, and a couple of other toppings making mine a $32 burger...but it was well worth it. Best burger I've ever had! They also have some delish alcoholic milkshakes, but that will set you back another $11-12.
          My sister and her BFF came with me and had more basic burgers (i.e. Ridgefield/Ridgeway cheeseburger and Angus with grilled asparagus, caramelized onions and chipotle aioli)...and they were quite pleased with their orders.

    2. Caneletto in the Venetian has great veneto style italian food with most items <25 bucks.

      The food is great, I prefer it over Enoteca San Marco which is right next door.

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      1. re: A5 KOBE

        I would check out You can purchase a $25 gift certificate to Enoteca San Marco , Border Grill, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, Hawaiian Tropic Zone, Ocean Bar & Grill or Pampas for $5 or less during one of its frequent 50-80% off sales. To obtain the latest code google " code".

        Another option is go to a Tix4Tonight booth (several Strip locations). Their dinner4tonight program offers discounts at several Strip restaurants for a small fee. Checkout the tix4tonight website for a list of participating restaurants, not all are offered every evening, but you should be able to find something.

        A third option to consider is to have you main meal at lunch. For example, the Palm Restaurant in the Forum Shops @ Caesars has a business lunch that I believe costs $22.95.

        1. re: westie

 is running an 80% off sale through 8/13th. Use code PORTION at checkout. These certificates are valid for 1 year from date of purchase and you print them out on your computer.

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   is running another 80% off through 8/31
            Discount Code SAVE on the shopping cart page

      2. I had an excellent meal at Lupo (Mandalay Bay) recently. It's a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and there are 25% discount coupons posted elsewhere on this site. I kept it simple with a nice glass of wine and possibly the best carbonara I've ever had. Total was less than $25. Get a seat "outside" and the people watching is spectacular.

        1. I think Cafe ba ba reeba is a good suggestion. I'd also consider Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris. Although it is probably right up against your price point, I think it can be done, and it's a nice atmosphere, especially with the fountains. I think you would find it very pretty for an anniversary dinner.

          There are also a couple of places that do prime rib dinners that are more old school: I believe there is a place at the Orleans (which I have not eaten at) and also at the South Point there is a restaurant called Primarily Prime RIb which does a decent job and is priced very well. However, you would have to cab it to the South Point; although it is on Las Vegas Blvd., it is a good ways south of the Mandalay Bay.

          Nob Hill in the MGM was also running a three course special that might be doable. I'd check their menu. It's also a very nice space, and good service.

          1. Try going to some of the nicer restaurant bars and splitting plates between you and your husband. Vegas is still struggling and on a recent trip we had no problem at all splitting plates at any of the Chowhound favorite restaurants (again, in their bars). In fact, everyone was extremely accomodating. Not even a split plate charge. Let's face it, restaurant portions are very large, so we still ate too much. It would be a good idea to ask the server if split plates are ok first, but I say go for it!