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Aug 6, 2009 03:46 PM

Patou in Belmont Center mediocre

I was there last night and wanted to love it. It looks good from the street, and a friend had recommended it. I thought it was really mediocre and the main dining room had a funny smell (no jokes please -- I am totally used to and love Thai food). Like a bad smell. We ate out on this little patio out back, so no smells there. But the food was really salty and uninspired. Had a vegetable tempura app (this was the best thing) and then the beef macadamia nut main dish, and brown rice. Disappointing, and I probably won't be back.

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  1. Sadly I agree, just generally uninspired.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      Occasional dishes are good... the beef short ribs on the specials menu was great two times and mediocre at best the last time, for example. In general, uninspired seems the best description I have heard. Too bad, 'cause it is close to me and I love Thai food, but I almost never go.

    2. Yep. Completely agree. Until Il Casale, Belmont was a complete food wasteland. Now a little brighter, but still meh. We've lived here for years and almost never eat out here.

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        I'm Thai and I live in Belmont and I think Patou is both overpriced and boring. We ate there once and were allllll set.

        Pho and Thai at the intersection of Trapelo/White St. is OK. They need to do something about the ambiance. The food is pretty good though.

        We really like Amarin on Galen St. on the Watertown/Newton line. It's a great restaurant with nice staff. And they will really cook things to your preferences ( not too sweet, more sour... very hot etc).

        The best Thai by far is Dok Bua on Harvard St in Coolidge Corner. It is owned by and the cooks are... THAI !!! My mother goes in, orders in Thai and we get really authentic food. Even when I go in by myself, the food is just like we eat when in Thailand. Plus, it's cheap! Just like Thai food should be, considering how cheap the ingrediants are!

        1. re: Stellar D

          Never tried Pho & Thai - may have to pony up and give it a go . . . otherwise, sounds like we're on the same wavelength . . . we used to live in Brookline and love Dok Bua. And Amarin is one of the only places I feel like I can get food that is actually spicy enough and not dumbed-down . . . .