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Aug 6, 2009 03:30 PM

Restaurant week in Houston

Aug 10th-23rd. See the list of participating restaurants at . 3 course dinners for $35 at some of Houston's finest! "Foodie Week" friends,,,, enjoy!

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  1. Isn't that list incredible? I think there are 80 restaurants participating. Do you get the email form Cleverly? You should if you don't as it is constantly being updated.

    On another note - bornie, I am taking my friend out for her birthday. She had a list of 5 places to go, but said she would really like Indian food. I'm not very familiar with that, but have had it with her once a long time ago. She just assumed I didn't like it, but I did like whatever I had before. The real question here is that she mentioned Kiran's, but I have heard from other sources that Indika is better. Another concern is price. She has taken me to Charivari, DaMarco's and this year we went to Le Mistral (sooooo good but I never posted about that meal on here.) She always picks out the wine because I am a bit uneducated and she is not, and we usually have at least one bottle. Last year I took her to Catalan and we had 2 - one of her choice and one of mine, but I got off easy as far as cost goes! So, I do want to take her somewhere nice, but I don't have the kind of disposable income she does. Which would be the better deal, and figure in the wine drinking. I would appreciate some advice here.

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      Hi D,, the food quality, presentation, service, etc is exceptional at both Indika's and Kiran's.. Kiran's might be a bit more "formal" in ambience,, Indika, much more casual and "hip". I honestly can't recall the wine list prices at Kiran's but the alcoholic bev are very reasonable at Indika's. Pull up the menu by going to the site. If you go to b4ueat, u can also pull up Kirans menu I believe as well..
      I absolutely love both chef/owners,, Kiran and Anita!
      I'm on the web mailer for both Indika and Kiran's actually. Kiran is the one who sent me the info on "Restaurant Week" and the link for the terrific food establishments offering great meals, at a great price,, and most of all,, for a great cause.. Enjoy!!

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        Dani, there is one glaring exception on this list, Cadillac Bar. Thirty five dollars a head for Cadillac Bar? Come on Tillman, there better be unlimtited margaritas, there isn't. I'd blow by them and head to Wasington for El Tiempo. While it is possible to spend thirty five per person there, you'd get enough to feed four or five, plus far superior food and drinks.

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          Inidka is authentic - not traditional Indian but more fusiony. I'm a carnivore but have become very fond of their vegetarian dishes and sampler plates. Sunday brunch is also worth a trip. Absolutely delightful place. Pricy but good and good ambience. Kiran's however is merely pricy and should only appeal to people who don't really know what Indian food should taste like - the fact that they advertise on the radio should be a clue. If you want more traditional Indian (or Pakistani) food at a bargain price try Sabri Nihari - squirreled away in the corner of a shopping center on Hillcroft off of 59. Excellent Nihari and other dishes too good to describe - the buffet at around $10 is a steal and the Nan bread takes about 10 seconds to make it from the oven to your table.

        2. So of the list of restaurants, what are your top 5? I'm fairly new to the Houston area and I'm looking for recommendations on the list.

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            Avoid SoVino for the restaurant week promotion. Was there Saturday and the situation was chaotic and disappointing. SoVino overbooked, the hostess finally fessed up and told those of us waiting to be seated that the wait would be substantially longer than what was promised. I wound up going to Pesce for the 2nd time this wk and sitting at the "food bar" having yet another wonderful meal, in an orderly and well managed setting.
            I'm heading to Trulucks on Wed (1/2 price bottles of wine every Wed) then Quattro at the Four Seasons on Saturday night..

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              DEFINITELY do Le Mistral. Was there on Saturday and it was great. Be forewarned, you have to ask for the Restaurant Week menu, which is a bit lame IMO.

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                I love Feast, and would definitely recommend you check it out, whether you go during Restaurant Week or not.

                If you're looking for a steakhouse experience, I was quite impressed by Del Frisco's -- they cooked my steak to a true medium rare, which is hard to find these days. There are a handful of locations nationwide, which in my experience can sometimes lead to slippage at individual restaurants, but my dinner here was fabulous start to finish.

                Also absolutely LOVE Rainbow Lodge -- you really can't miss there. I particularly love the fish dishes.

                I have heard wonderful things about Voice. I haven't been, but we are planning on going for our anniversary next month. It's located in the Hotel Icon, which is a really nice setting (I stayed at the hotel a few years ago).

                1. re: mjust

                  avoid *17 at all cost.

                  We were there during last year's restaurant week. It was my first restaurant week experience (and also the last) in Houston, so I wasn't sure how the restaurant week work. I booked through opentable for 4 people but on the day of the reservation, a friend wanted to join us, so I changed my opentable reservation to 5. I understood that it was only hours before reservation, so I also called to confirm the change over the phone I also asked whether they still have the restaurant week promotion.

                  I was told by a female voice they can accommodate us with the original time over the phone. When the 5 of us arrived, they claimed that i only had a reservation for 4, so they can't seat us right away. The next table availability should be 15 minutes later. I asked about the phone call, they claim that no one had ever talked to me. According to the manager (a man), there were only two people there in the afternoon, he and the female maitre D. (so it had to be her who answered the phone but messed up). Since the female maitre D denied in front of his manager that she had answered my call, the manager believed her. I even showed them my call history in my cell , but he still didn't believe that I have called to make the change. Then, I asked about my opentable reservation (which should be for 5) They mysteriously couldn't find the 'new' record of my opentable for 5 people. (had I wished I print out the confirmation)

                  We decided to wait since all of us had valet parked and it should only be a 15 minute wait. 40 mins later, we still stood there with no table, no apology.

                  forget it, i vow will never go back to that place again.

              2. We went to Mark's for lunch (3 course), Feast for dinner and Massraff's for dinner. We've been to Mark's and Feast and they were great as always. First time to visit Massraffs, and were blown away. I had the garlic seared calamari with a soy reduction for my 1st course, the sea bass/giant scallop, with miso butter for my 2nd course and the bread pudding for my 3rd course. My wife had the pan seared strip steak. Everything we had was outstanding. We went back a few days later.